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The Kim Jong-nam Assassination: Tussle between China and North Korea

February 21, 2017

The Kim Jong-nam Assassination:Kuala Lumpur caught in an Ongoing Tussle between Beijing and Pyongyang

by Dennis Ignatius


As dramatic and disturbing as the assassination of Kim Jong-nam is, it is simply a sideshow in the ongoing tussle between Beijing and Pyongyang.  1,523 more words


Donald Trump’s Mexico Tantrum

January 28, 2017

The Opinion Pages | Editorial

Donald Trump’s Mexico Tantrum

By The Editorial Board–www.nytimes.com


 Credit Doug Chayka

Less than a week into the job, President Trump on Thursday raised the specter of a trade war with America’s third-largest partner, Mexico, as the White House warned that the United States could impose a 20 percent tariff on Mexican imports. 653 more words


CPEC: Views of the Business Community in Pakistan

Jyotishman Bhagawati, Research Intern, Institute of Chinese Studies 

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor has created a sense of both euphoria and scepticism in Pakistan. The euphoria is because of the size and scale of the corridor project which is expected to create 700,000 direct jobs and whose total cost, according to a Deloitte study, is estimated to touch US$75billion upon completion [1]. 884 more words

Bilateral Relations

China’s Relations with North Korea: Not an Ally but a Card

Jabin T. Jacob, PhD, Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies

China has gone around Asia, particularly, Southeast Asia telling countries to behave because they are smaller than China. 1,279 more words

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Conflict is not an option

Conflict is not an option

Xung đột không phải một lựa chọn

Quan hệ Mỹ-Trung đang đầy những điều không rõ ràng. Một mặt, bảy Tổng thống Mỹ dã công nhận tầm quan trọng của quan hệ hợp tác với Trung Quốc và sự cam kết đối với chính sách một Trung Quốc. 1,903 more words

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America – China: Institutionalization of bilateral cooperation

In recent years, the developments of the US-Sino relations have been a hot issue facing international public opinion and international political analysts. Most of (major/ leading) big news agencies were present/ came to Beijing to report on/ cover the 4th… 1,455 more words


US -China Relations--Trump's Strategy

December 26, 2016

US -China Relations–Trump’s Strategy

by Ben Blanchard and Christian Shepherd@ Reuters

When Donald Trump becomes US President next month, one issue above all others could force his new administration to work closely with China and underscore why he and Beijing need each other – North Korea. 780 more words

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