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Playing To Trump's Weaknesses, Trudeau Proposes A Thumb War

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has thrown down an unprecedented challenge to the president of the United States. 552 more words


Mahathir Mohamad and Narendra Modi Meet in Kuala Lumpur : Better Times Ahead with Act East India

May 31, 2018

Mahathir Mohamad and Narendra Modi Meet in Kuala Lumpur : Better Times Ahead with Act East India

by Debasis Dash@ http://global-is-asian.nus.edu.sg

India’s Act East Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Malaysia’s Tun Dr. 633 more words


PM Lee meets Dr Mahathir: Why 30 mins is also important

Dr Mahathir is back.  He made history by winning the Malaysia General Election and is now the world’s oldest prime minister. Hats off to him. 492 more words

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A new era of international relations for Uzbek higher education

In a series of moves that have been tentatively welcomed by Central Asia-watchers, Uzbekistan has been enjoying a resurgence of international support under the presidency of… 802 more words


Xi-Modi meet at Wuhan: Informality defines new engagement

Written by Parama Sinha Palit.

Formal bilateral summits between heads of governments have picked up momentum in recent years. These one-to-one meetings are parts of diplomacy aimed at building trust, limiting miscommunication and strengthening bilateral relationships in an international order fraught with challenges and threats. 977 more words


South America: Is UNASUR Dead?

By Stefano Palestini Céspedes*

The decision of UNASUR’s six center-right members to suspend their participation in the group underscores the immense challenges the regional organization faces but may also lead to its effective reform.  727 more words

The Sino-Russian alliance: A haphazard path

Written by James C. Hsiung.

Many in the West, particularly in America, have been concerned about a rising “new Sino-Russian alliance” since the end of the Cold War.   1,186 more words