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Malaysia’s Growing Reliance on China: A Good Thing?

Written by Evelyn S. Devadason.

Bilateral relations between Malaysia and China have developed strongly and have matured at the turn of the so-called Asian Century. China has emerged as the largest trading partner of Malaysia since 2009 and is now the… 734 more words


China in the Afghan Imagination

Rustam Ali Seerat is a research scholar (International Relations) at South Asian University, New Delhi.

China though geographically close to Afghanistan, politically and socially has been a distant land. 827 more words

Bilateral Relations

Nepal’s Views on the Doklam Standoff

Avadhi Patni, Research Intern, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi

The Doklam standoff between India and China has caused security, economic as well as political concerns for other countries of the South Asian region. 865 more words

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Opening Doors Southwards: China’s Increasing Presence in Nepal

Aakriti Vinayak, Research Intern, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi  

China is making its influence keenly felt in Nepal today. China is using different strategies from road connectivity, hydroelectric projects to using soft power as an approach to forge linkages with Nepal. 1,005 more words

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Opinion: The anniversary of hatred

India and Pakistan became independent from British rule in 1947, yet they are still belligerent neighbors locked in territorial disputes and deep mistrust. The scar of partition remains unhealed, says DW’s Shamil Shams. 1,293 more words


Cuba: Attacks Against U.S. Diplomats?

By William M. LeoGrande*

The details about alleged sonic attacks against U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana in fall 2016 remain shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty, but the incidents – whatever they were – could cause further disruptions in U.S.-Cuban relations, already on shaky ground after President Trump’s June 16 declaration that he was “canceling” President Obama’s policy of normalization.  720 more words

In the Wake of Doklam: India-China Relations Entering a New Phase

Jabin T. Jacob, PhD, Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies

This article was originally published as,‘भारत-चीन संबंध नये दौर में, in Rashtriya Sahara, 29 July 2017.  931 more words

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