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Blooming Puppy

Hello God!

Thank You for Chinese New Year which begins today! 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

I invite you to celebrate the Year of the Dog in… 243 more words


After your museum visit - exploring Bilbao, Spain

Last week I wrote about visiting the spectacular Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. You can see my post here.

But after your museum visit is over, you’ll want to make time to stroll down the river and enjoy Bilbao’s old town. 232 more words


I am more than my year abroad

Disclaimer: I am completely happy with my placement, where I am and the people I have met and work with here.

I am more than my year abroad, and I should not be defined by it alone. 381 more words


Yes I Lived in a Homestay, and No, I Didn't Love It

Planning my Homestay

When I was gearing up to study abroad, I knew I wanted to stay with a host family. My course load was very specific to my major, and a full schedule at that, so I didn’t have the time to additionally take Spanish classes. 880 more words


Spain Bilbao Nerua

My wife and I made the decision to spend New Year in Bilbao and Nerua became a must as soon as I realised it existed. As you could read in  134 more words


Bilbao's fabulous Guggenheim, Spain

It’s been years I’ve been “meaning to” get to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

A holiday in France’s Basque region provided me with the opportunity to journey across the border into Spain’s Basque country to visit this modern art museum that celebrated its 20th birthday last year. 370 more words


The rain in Spain stays mainly...in Bilbao

Always thought the United Kingdom was the most rainy place you could visit? 

Bilbao: European City of the Year 2018; and with so much to offer. 525 more words