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Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show [Major Updates!]

Remember, because David Wilcock is still allied with Neil Keenan that his Insider Sources can be considered his CIA ‘handlers”; that is, they feed him info they want out there. 625 more words


Toxic Air / Forced Vaccinations / A Bad Mix

 Speaking of Smoke and Mirrors


What do you think of Bill Gates using climate change as a reason to call for a “global government”?

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Alfred Webre: VIDEO - Ole Dammegard: US/Israel/Bilderberger crisis actor group stages false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy next?

Ole talks about a series of false flag events . . . ~J


VANCOUVER, BC – In a NewsInsideOut.com interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Ole Dammegard exposes the detailed motion-picture set-like blue prints of the False Flag operations at the October 22, 2014 Ottawa “Shooting an the National War Memorial”; at the January 7, 2015 “Charlie Hebdo-Charlie Seven-SevenGate”; and at the February 14, 2015 Copenhagen “Shootout at the Gunpowder Café on Valentine’s Day”. 360 more words


Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!

George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress

George HW Bush a known Evil Pedophile George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as…

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Amal Clooney Accuses British Government Of Torture Posted by Jacqui Deevoy in News, UK, World -

Amal Clooney Accuses British Government Of Torture

Posted by  Jacqui Deevoy   in  News, UK, World     2 days ago     0 Comments

Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer and wife of Hollywood actor George, is taking on a massive legal challenge – accusing the British government for acts of torture during the Troubles in Northern Ireland AND of lying about it in court.

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