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Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation

Carlos TheZilla shared a link.

Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online, Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation

Recent outbreaks of the Zika virus have sparked hysteria across the globe, and many reports have actually indicated that this is likely a man-made disaster


Bilderberg Group

Top Bilderberger calls for elite to stop Trump

Top Bilderberger: “Global Super Elite” Must Stop Donald Trump

Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times Martin Wolf insists that the “global super elite” must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

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Trump - Why Bilderberg, WEF/Davos & CFR Have Shingles

Jon Rappoport
January 23, 2016

The Donald shoots from the hip and changes his tune every few minutes. True. He thinks about one thing, and that reminds him of something else, and then he goes off on that. 450 more words


Goldman Sachs backs campaign to keep Britain in European Union

Jill Treanor and Larry Elliott report for The Guardian:

Growing concern in the City about Britain’s possible exit from the European Union has been underlined by the fact that the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs had pumped a significant sum into the campaign for staying in. 276 more words


Birds Of A Feather Flock Together! Or Is That Snakes of Scales / Snake Pit Together !

Worship of false g*d’s goes back thousands of years! Raping, Murdering and even drinking the blood and then even eating the murdered human baby, child, even raping and  murdering young women :(

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