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2018 Bilderberg Group listing includes familiar names of America's leading power brokers

Any group that includes such seemingly diverse guests as Lindsay Graham, Wilbur Ross, Madeline Albright, Herb McMaster, John Kerry, Rick Perry and Ben Bernanke can’t be called political, so what’s left to describe it? 771 more words


Kochs win again as their boy, Marc, short-circuits Trump MAGA with an anti-populist spending bill

President Donald Trump must have been distracted, while rubbing his gold-plated putter, when the Cabinet and the West Wing top birds were being anointed, because only golf daydreaming easily explains: 480 more words


N Y Post can't stand fact that worker earned a big pension while pub's boss is worth $15,700,000,000

Retired NYC sanitation worker makes $285K a year from pension

That New York Post headline made many folks angry. Do garbage collectors get pensions worth more than they deserve? 653 more words


Richest man in world ($115,000,000,000) offers only $8 a week raise to some of America's top journalists, meanwhile spending $42,000,000 for a cuckoo clock

Washington Post writers and reporters began the New Year with a major problem: their owner was offering a lump sum $12 a week raise in the first year of a new contract, and $8 a week in the second year. 1,138 more words


Why Do the Central Bankers Not Want To Destroy Cybercurrency?


Duration 24m57s

Would you be shocked to learn that the Bilderberg Group is moving behind the scenes to exercise control over Bitcoin and ultimately blockchain? 428 more words

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Bankruptcy capital

bankruptcy capital , just a way of controlling the masses , read more windsorfamily_darksecret_download_official

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