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"Davos Is Burning Man With Clothes" - Sergey Brin

Google Co-Founder and Billionaire Burner Sergey Brin, rumored to be one of the Anonymous donors backing Burning Man’s year round philosophy center/nude bathing retreat… 2,039 more words

Alternatives To Burning Man

As The Sheep Cheer / Jeer Trump On Inauguration Day, Trump Stab's Them All In The Back.

You may have come to this article long after the Trump Inauguration circus was over, and have finally come to realize, that Trump was a globalist ‘FAKE President’ all along. 736 more words

"Enquiry on a Citizen Superior to any Suspicion" gives a good mirror image of how certain politicians behave with Israel: you know it's they and you pretend not to understand.

If it were a strategy, to pretend not to understand when it’s the Israelis to attack them suddenly and arrest them I would be glad, but sometimes I’ve got the feeling some politicians simply lie even to themselves and pretend it’s not Israel or the jewish bankers, Rothschild in primis, when it is Israel and the jewish bankers, like Victor. 348 more words


Truth-tellers Versus Warmongers

Are you aware that the Bilderberg power elite have orchestrated numerous global wars in violation of core sovereign rights of people to own their own lives? 280 more words


'We will watch you': Bilderberg website hacked — RT America


Hackers have taken down the website of the Bilderberg Club, replacing the shadowy organization’s page with a warning that the Atlanticist elites have a year to work for the benefit of humanity or their assets will be hacked next. 140 more words

The Journey

Isis , War and fools

Isis , War and fools , how the Brits believed that chaos would help them implement policy issues in the world , this one is for the windsors read more… 1,827 more words