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My articles about Charlie Rose, before he was disgraced with allegations of sexual impropriety and assault

Apparently being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and an attendee of Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg meetings wasn’t enough to keep… 409 more words

Origins of the Russian “Media Threat” by Diana Johnstone

It is not hard to imagine a dialogue between Mediacrat, Psyops, Politician and Think Tanker – perhaps sitting around during a coffee break at the annual Bilderberg get together.   

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U.S. Foreign Policy

Dommer Scalia drept etter Obama-møte - Koch-nettverket & The Federalist Society: 70.000 VIP-pedofile er avkledde

En ikke-nyhet?

Dette delte jeg med norsk media for en tid siden, men nå sender Aftenposten og TV2 mine eposter i retur. Alt var visst totalt uinteressant for alle. 1,009 more words

Media Og Journalistikk

Article 50 Revisited: Has the UK's Secession from the EU been Years in the Making? - Part Two

In part one of this series we examined the origins of Article 50 and looked at the man responsible for it’s creation. We now turn to the series of political events that have transpired in Britain since the Lisbon Treaty became effective in December 2009. 2,577 more words


Is That Really Necessary, a "New World Syndicate"?

Several people – well, actually more than a dozen – have sent us very interesting questions and comments in the past days. For instance:

  • “Is creating a ‘New World Syndicate’ really necessary?
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Poor returns

Poor returns , must be rainbow magic , read more windsorfamily_darksecret_download_official

could effect those below : 1,546 more words