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Nov 19 2015

I believe the Paris attacks and the downing of the Russian airliner were psyops and/or cover stories. Why would a relatively weak military organization from a poor country fighting wars on multiple fronts attack 2 rich powerful countries not currently involved in any of the wars? 129 more words

The Biggest Stitch-Up Ever?

So Dave has now revealed his “demands” for Britain to remain in the EU. Seems a bit of a damp squib, doesn’t it? I mean, there’s not much there to crow about, even if he achieves agreement on all the points with no ground given. 476 more words

Tell the Truth: the problem is not giving the EU more money to control the external borders, the problem is that the immigrants are transported from Kos to Central Europe by State officers.

Tusk tells Merkel she must do more to help control external borders of the EU and this translated in bills means the Commission wants more money from Germany to pretend to control the external borders of the – already failed, open your eyes – EU. 897 more words



The name of the entity taking over state funded nursing homes is irrelevant, as they march under the same flag, that of ‘One World Order governance run by top power elites… 430 more words

If No one stops Merkel and Renzi, in Italy and Germany there may be a military takeover. In Germany the Situation is out of Control.

I love Germany. Yes, I do.

My heart suffers for Italy, Germany and Britain. But to see Germany like this, with the German invaded and the german Chancellor, the controlled media insulting them because they don’t want a level of immigration 7 immigrants each german citizen is outrageous. 895 more words


Bilderberg Front Ed Clark Behind the Hiest of Ontario's Hydro One Electrical Utility

October 29, 2015

Toronto Star

Richard J. Brennan, Robert Benzie.

But LeClair  (Ontario “financial accountability officer”) warned the move would increase the provincial debt by reducing revenue. 80 more words

NSA , no its not Snowden , heres why

NSA , no its not Snowden , heres why , Capital Hill foolishly and blindly followed your masters , they have now turned on you and all thats left is blood on your face , yep the Windsors have sold you to Russia . 359 more words