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Richest man in world ($115,000,000,000) offers only $8 a week raise to some of America's top journalists, meanwhile spending $42,000,000 for a cuckoo clock

Washington Post writers and reporters began the New Year with a major problem: their owner was offering a lump sum $12 a week raise in the first year of a new contract, and $8 a week in the second year. 1,083 more words


Why Do the Central Bankers Not Want To Destroy Cybercurrency?


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Would you be shocked to learn that the Bilderberg Group is moving behind the scenes to exercise control over Bitcoin and ultimately blockchain? 428 more words

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Bankruptcy capital

bankruptcy capital , just a way of controlling the masses , read more windsorfamily_darksecret_download_official

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My articles about Charlie Rose, before he was disgraced with allegations of sexual impropriety and assault

Apparently being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and an attendee of Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg meetings wasn’t enough to keep… 409 more words

Origins of the Russian “Media Threat” by Diana Johnstone

It is not hard to imagine a dialogue between Mediacrat, Psyops, Politician and Think Tanker – perhaps sitting around during a coffee break at the annual Bilderberg get together.   

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U.S. Foreign Policy

Kent u het bericht dat meldt dat op deze Bilderbergconferentie zal worden gesproken over het…

‘Libertas’ via een lastercampagne tegen Declan Ganley, de leider van die beweging? Bent u bekend dat dergelijke samenzweringen door prominente figuren (zie bijgevoegde lijst van aanwezigen wordt georganiseerd). 155 more words