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4. What challenges do increasing numbers of ELLs pose for the public schools? There are several: designing effective programs, mobilizing adequate resources, finding appropriate materials, and dealing with community concerns, among others. 505 more words

Bilingual Education

Education Proposal #5: End English Language Learner Mandates

In the 1973 decision Lau vs Nichols, the Supreme Court, ever vigilant to prove the truth of primer rule #5, ruled that schools had to provide “basic English support”: 1,094 more words


Bilingual Education

As the world becomes smaller and people move across borders more easily, bilingual education is becoming a greater issue. As educators, we need to know the best way for our children to learn in classrooms that are becoming increasingly diverse. 1,019 more words


Es Primaria: It's Elementary - The future of bilingual education in Texas

By Estefanía de León

Outside bilingual classroom 101 in Joslin Elementary in South Austin, there is a sign that says “Language of the Day: English.” 1,585 more words


"Undoing Appropriateness: Raciolinguistic Ideologies and Language Diversity in Education"

This summer an article came out entitled Undoing Appropriateness: Raciolinguistic Ideologies and Language Diversity in Education, by Nelson Flores and Jonathan Rosa (2015). This article challenges my thinking regarding language acquisition and follows on from an article I wrote about a couple of posts ago (also co-authored by Nelson Flores). 676 more words

Bilingual Education

GoSequencing App Back-to-School Giveaway!

Smarty Ears Apps just came out with an exciting “Go Sequencing” app, which helps both monolingual and bilingual kids sequence functional and familiar events.   It’s available in English, Spanish and Portuguese!   301 more words

Bilingual Education

Observations on American Sign Language & Bilingual/Bicultural Education in Latino Communities

My cousin Marco had a presentation at UC San Diego, where he received his graduate degree in American Sign Language, English Bilingual Education. The presentations were in American Sign Language (ASL) while several interpreters voiced what was being signed. 750 more words

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