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Our Experience With Spanish Immersion Preschool

“What languages does he speak?”

I had been asked this question about my 18-month-old son dozens of times on playgrounds throughout Switzerland, Germany, Spain and England. 829 more words

Multicultural Parenting

Teaching Indigenous Languages in primary schools

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share these news articles which relate how some primary schools have introduce their local Indigenous language and is taught to all children of the school and town. 167 more words


Teaching Social Skills for Recess 

Any teacher in the world has no relationship issues at recess time. Major issues, simple ones, they are always around.

I came across this book when I was not even looking for it, which is a good sign, it is always time to teach social skills. 39 more words

Scarlett 8 years 6 months – Finally a reader. Thank you, Harry Potter

Scarlett finished year three in school and turned over night into a keen reader. Thanks to Harry Potter. The moment she got hold of the first Harry Potter book “The philosopher’s stone” she started reading and devoured it in less than a week. 897 more words


Courageous Conversations about Race: Reflections (continued)

Affirmative Action – I respond to this topic with the intellectual / thinking framework first, perhaps because that’s where I’ve spent the most time with it. 334 more words


How a Bilingual Education can Benefit your Child

Your child’s education is one of the most important things you will have to consider during their lives, and choosing where to send them to school is a big decision. 540 more words

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