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Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: Muslim, Woman, and France's Minister for Education | By Anushka Mehta

The first woman to hold the position of Minister for Education in France, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem is also a Moroccan-born Muslim, or, as the French would say, an “issu de l’immigration” (child of immigration) rather than a “Français de souche” (French by descent/origin). 691 more words


Características de alunos bilíngues: Criatividade, Referência e Participação ativa

Alunos de qualquer idade estudando num ambiente multilíngue tendem a demonstrar características diferentes dos em educação monolíngue.
Não faremos aqui comparações entre bilíngues e monolíngues, somente as características de alunos em imersão de dois ou mais idiomas. 713 more words

In search of the ideal foreign language program for your child? (a post in progress)

Where do you start? Which language do you choose? How do you know which school is the best for your child? How much should it cost? 147 more words

Antonia Pantoja, honoring the champion of the Puerto Rican community

During this Hispanic Heritage Month we honor Dr. Antonia Pantoja. One of her favorite saying was “We make the future, I make the future.” The Puerto Rican New Yorker committed her life to helping Latino high school students get an education and move forward in life. 99 more words


Critical Multiculturalism: Theory and Practice (Book Review)

Excerpt from review:

Popular support for multicultural education has withered, undermined by test-driven educational policies, homogenizing academic standards, and eroding commitments to affirmative action and bilingual education.

71 more words
Creating Inclusive Environment

Bilingual AND Special Education: YES!

When I was a practicing SLP I remember sitting in IEP meetings and arguing for BOTH speech-language therapy services AND ESL for bilingual or ELL children who had speech and/or language impairment. 364 more words

Child Bilingualism

Int'l Latino Book Awards 2016: Picture Book Winners

The ILBA ceremony was held on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. A large community of Latino authors came together to celebrate the work and progress made in the literary world. 246 more words