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Green Kids project is about Sea Animals. They found out the blue whale can be 100 feet in length. Kids had to predict how many children it would take, stretched end-to-end, to fill the length of a blue whale. 59 more words

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Raising a Bilingual on a Budget

In a recent study from Concordia University, researchers asked five- and six-year-old monolingual and bilingual children questions like whether ducks raised by dogs would act like ducks or like dogs.  555 more words


When a Former First Grade Student Invites You to Their College Graduation...

When a former first grade student invites you to their college graduation, one’s heart bursts so wide open, one laughs and cries from the overwhelming feeling of pride and elation.   436 more words

Patwa... ina skuul!

Let me start by sharing an experience that Shyrel-Ann Dean, a teacher in Jamaica had, as shared with me last semester in a lecture:

‘Mis, mi kyahn go baachuum?’ said Chris. 1,011 more words


Dear Boston: You Need a Multilingual Exam School

Let’s begin at the top. A Grade 7-12 exam school for students who excel in linguistics would be a great way to meld cultures and celebrate language arts. 472 more words

Design Concepts


The law of sinus (the sinus theorem)


Transition metals & more…

Bilingual Education

Home Sweet Home

“Home, Sweet Home”: This is Green Junior’s Project for 2015. We’re going to study every part of the house and its furniture and also, activities we do in these places. 196 more words

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