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History! :-D

I’ve been waiting for these papers so long!

Bilingual Education

Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms

The latest title in our Parents’ and Teachers’ Guides series is Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms by Coreen Sears. In this post, Coreen tells us why this book is such a vital resource for teachers of children in international schools.  534 more words

Applied Linguistics

The Most Important Resource is... You


There is no more powerful testament to language inequity than “Spanish resources are really scarce!” We hear it all the time and it’s true, all the time. 1,050 more words


Trigonometric equations

Aahh, it was so beautiful in Italy… Now we are back to same old daily activities, but what can you do :-D hahah, I hope we’ll go to Avezzano again next year. 47 more words

Bilingual Education

I am Bilingual or Translanguaging Practices

If you speak to me in Spanish and I respond in English it’s not because I don’t speak Spanish well it’s because I AM BILINGUAL. 89 more words

Language:Culture Expression & Identity

Not Everyday Can Be a Good Day

The weather has been getting hotter and hotter as we move into the summer months. The hotter it gets, the crazier the kids get. This past week I have had some trouble with my first graders. 585 more words