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Growing up I never imagined to  be fluent in two languages.

1. English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain in the fifth to seventh centuries by Germanic invaders and settlers from what is now northwest Germany and the Netherlands. 473 more words


Kamishibai – la boîte magique

Les élèves de PreK ont eu la chance d’accueillir Floriane Leimer, conteuse, et de découvrir le Kamishibai.

Après avoir écouté attentivement une histoire, ils ont bricolé de magnifiques caméléons multicolores.


(Article) Children's book about Beijing

What A Place! was featured in the May 23, 2016 issue of “Twenty-first Century English newspaper”.


(Event) Lana's Beijing School Schedule

Lana is scheduled to appear at a number of schools in Beijing to read and sign What A Place!

The schedule is:

Wednesday 25 May 2016 @ Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) in Shunyi… 37 more words


The bilingual brain

We’ve all heard learning a second (or third) language is good for you. And research has shown bilingual brains are different to the brains of people who speak only a single language. 855 more words


Sugar and Spice

What’s up y’all,

You might be questioning yourself as to why I named this title “sugar and spice” well to be honest as I sipped on my coke and brainstormed… my eyes got drawn to my book shelf to the very exact book from Lauren Conrad. 323 more words

Poema Bilingue "Tu Nagual"

Tu nagual

Estudiante querido de mi corazón,

yo sé que no soy tu madre,

no llevo tu sangre,

pero comparto tu dolor.

Dear student of my heart, 168 more words