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293: Bilingual

Didn’t plan on it, but I ended up making new characters. I’ll figure out their names and stuff I ever use them again

Scramble Bouquet


Being bilingual is awesome until you forget words in the language you’re speaking in and it turns into Spanglish, a language considered inappropriate by most. Spanglish is more accepted today than it was in previous years. 302 more words

Episode 2 // Capítulo 2: Mooove over, cows!

In this episode, we travel to Planet Armonia, a vegetarian restaurant in Villavicencio, to meet with owners and founders Mary and Diana Guerra. We learn about their inspiration for becoming vegetarians, how they develop their menus, and their vision for expanding the business and lifestyle in Villavicencio. 143 more words


Little Rabbit's Questions - 小兔子的问题 - by Dayong Gan and translated by Helen Wang

Little Rabbit’s Questions — with its black-and-white ink illustrations and elegant touches of blues, reds, and yellows — is a stunning picture book that is a new take on a classic theme of growing up and a mother’s love for her child. 956 more words

Picture Books

Meningkatkan Kesadaran Metalinguistik Anak Lewat Main Tebak-tebakan

Waktu kecil saya senang sekali main tebak-tebakan. Banyak tebak-tebakan yang masih teringat sampai sekarang.

– Tahu, tahu apa yang gede banget?

– Tahu isi Sumedang. (Hahahaha, segede apa tuh tahunya diisi kota Sumedang?) 483 more words

Raising The Boy

The "Breakfast Game"!

As much as I have tried be sly in homeschooling my kiddos, I am a product of public education—it seems like they almost always see right through me! 586 more words


Fun reading practice with Spanish games

I recently invested in a few games to promote reading in Spanish with my 5 year old. He’s only just starting to read and finds books a bit intimidating at the moment. 485 more words