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Notes on a non-sunny evening in the park.

Only in the heat of the sun, do I ripe like a mango. Otherwise, it’s a silent existent spent inside, looking out of the window, waiting for snow. 257 more words

Vertebrate Lapbook Project

The first year ESO students made these informative and creative projects about vertebrates in their bilingual science classes.

Science & Technology


I met him last year at a big celebration. The magnetic personality of this man still keeps me enchanted for some inexplicable reason. We only spent 5 hours or so together but it felt like we never were apart. 236 more words

Switching bedtime reader to balance out the languages

I recently had a very interesting and successful experience with regularly switching the bedtime reading between me and my husband.

My youngest has a strong bond with me, so much so that so far she prefers using English and very little Spanish (I know this for a fact as I keep tabs of her new words in each language). 504 more words


Keeping My Language Skills Fresh

Language is like a garden: once the seeds are planted, it requires attention and nourishment to develop strong roots and fully grow. That’s why constant contact with a new language is important for advanced learners, like myself, to maintain the language we’re learning. 425 more words


Raising My Kids Trilingual

My husband and I come from mixed backgrounds and both migrated to the U.S.A. as young children. Our children were born here but we’re raising them trilingual with the combined three languages we speak on a regular basis. 1,579 more words