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Danish visitors

From time to time I am asked to give presentations to and yesterday I did in The Hague so to a group of Danish teachers and head teachers who were interested to hear more about the form of bilingual education that we offer in our schools in The Netherlands. 85 more words

Post 321: Haul Away, Joe!

Concert season is upon us*. Musicians everywhere will be cadging rides from friends who have big cars so they can get the drum set and string bass to the venue in time. 142 more words


Videos as a Language Learning Support - GIVEAWAY

Raising bilingual children is always a challenge. No matter, what strategy you will choose, you can be sure that more than once you’ll get tired with all those rules you need to stick to. 1,351 more words

Common Misconceptions That I Have Come Across In My Learning of a Second Language + Super Long German Word (Brace Yourselves)

People have misunderstandings about the German language all of the time. And today, I’m going to be talking about a few of those. These aren’t even the misunderstandings that people have about Deutschland (Germany) as a country or the German people as well… people. 804 more words

Bilingual Poem: Doggie addiction

The poodle,
should have known better,
when the bulldog,
on the corner,
said the first dog biscuit,
was free.

El perro de lanas,
debe haber sabía major, 65 more words