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You probably don't want to read about this -- but should

Nobody wants to talk about it yet 50 per cent of those who experience it are likely to lose their jobs. In Alberta one in five employees reported its impact on their workplace. 618 more words

Bill 168

Bill 168

Safe Workplaces mean Productive Workplaces

Bill 168

Bill 168, also known as the “Bully Busting” bill is an amendment to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) where all employers take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker.  2,932 more words


The Thin Line Between Management and Harassment

We are now coming up on the three year anniversary of Bill 168, the Ontario legislation that imposed new duties on Ontario employers to address violence and harassment in the workplace. 421 more words


Canada, Workplace Bullies, and The Law

Here’s an article from the Canadian Workplace Legal Post which is a reminder to everyone involved in the U.S. workplace bullying movement that a variety… 758 more words

Workplace Bullying

Canadian Expert Says Companies Who Condone Workplace Bullying Are Short-Sighted

Guest blog article by Angela Monaghan – Advocate, Educator, & Counsellor addressing bullying issues. Founder of On T.R.A.C. for BULLYING PREVENTION, a not-for-profit organization promoting education, awareness, healing, and an empowered society that won’t let bullying thrive. 725 more words

Workplace Bullying