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Bill vs. Ted

Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted “Theodore” Logan. The Great Ones, as some call them, are quite possibly the best duo in history. But who is the greatest Great One? 2,252 more words


The Time Has Come To Get 'Honest' About 'Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure'

Who doesn’t love affable dimwits? (Well, aside from crusty deans, corrupt politicians and slick condo developers.) They get up to shenanigans, teach us universal truths and occasionally do wonderful things with time machines. 187 more words


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is still fun 25 years later

When I was kid, we had a birthday tradition specific to a family that liked to watch movies: the birthday boy (or girl) got to pick the movie that night. 615 more words

Movie Review

Arrival, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and the Deus Ex Machina

The 2016 science fiction film Arrival posits the most obvious questions humanity would face when confronted by a first contact scenario. Can the aliens understand what we are saying? 650 more words

Halloween and Samhain Time-Travelling Book

The next episode of the fur-riendly veggie werewolf travelling Europe to an X-Files theme in the third of a trilogy pioneering the totally new and original genre of web maps fantasy travelling fiction, like a literary version of Pokémon, leaves Moldova, as the werewolf and Zdob și Zdub allies goodies travel for a final confrontation with the vampire baddies. 601 more words


Bill and Ted are re-imagined in retro form

’80s cult classic Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure gets a re-vamped retro makeover with this two-pack.

NECA presents these eight-inch dolls designed in the style of action figures from the 1970s.

My favourite movies that deal with... Time

Here’s a thing. I recently watched Midnight In Paris and noticed that time travel drove the story along at a gentle pace. Which got me thinking; filmmakers use time as a plot device like, a lot. 493 more words