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I got on a major Keanu Reeves kick over the summer, diving headfirst into such classics as Point Break, Speed, and yes, even… 298 more words

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The Writer Of 'Bill & Ted' Gives Fans An Update On The Third Film And Explains The Hold Up

It’s been 27 years since Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, but the hope for a third Bill & Ted film has been kept alive in the hearts of fans. 514 more words

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Episode 2: Peach Ring Utopia

In our short episode (sorry guys – it’s the holiday season!) we discuss Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Join us as we talk age gaps, celebrate 80’s ‘slacker’ culture and our ideal, dragon-centric future!


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure review "A retrospective look"

The definition of a masterpiece can be hard to pin down. In many ways, a masterpiece is the best that something can be: the pinnacle of its creation. 551 more words


Busting Through Time


Nearly every single film, novel, or television show which features time travel always discusses the importance of maintaining the “space-time continuum” as it is often referred to. 768 more words


The Keanu Reevesness of It All


Film Club Rule #432: People love Keanu Reeves.

Sure he seems like Ted Theodore Logan in almost everything he does, but Keanu Reeves starred in some of the most iconic American roles from Speed to The Matrix to John Wick. 11 more words


Because No One Wants to Be William the Goat Face

My youngest son has had a kind of juvenile sounding nickname since he was itty bitty. That’s partly because he was itty bitty, but also because he shares a first name with one of my cousins and it didn’t seem fair to call him “Li’l___” all the time. 608 more words