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On Reading Genesis 1-11

The book of Genesis stands at the front of the Bible and provides an account of origins, setting the stage for the exodus from Egypt and the foundation of Israel as the people of God. 1,767 more words


Of Nations and Languages

The primeval history of Genesis 1-11 ends with two genealogies and an excursion to the tower of Babel (another Sunday School staple). We’ve discussed the Tower of Babel before in posts… 1,324 more words


The Flood

Although we think about the flood as a staple Sunday school tale, it is rather gruesome. We have not a cute progression of animals trekking to safety two by two, but a tale of utter destruction – of the undoing of creation as related in Genesis 1-5. 1,671 more words


And Cain Knew His Wife

Where did Cain get his wife?

Did people really live 900+ years?

Who cares who begot who? Can we get to the action?!

Perhaps the most boring genre in the Bible is the genealogy – or at least it can seem so from our twenty first century perspective. 1,216 more words


East of Eden

Chapter 4 of Genesis begins on what should be a happy note, the birth of two sons, but things quickly go south.

Now the man knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have produced a man with the help of the Lord.” Next she bore his brother Abel. 1,171 more words


And They Become One Flesh

With consideration of Genesis 2 the series of posts on Genesis intersects those on biblical womanhood.

Genesis 2 provides a creation account both distinct from an complementary to the creation account of Genesis 1. 1,705 more words


Flames notes: Poirier snake bit, Arnold looking ahead to main camp

Emile Poirier was among a handful of prospects that played in all three games at the Young Stars Classic this weekend.

And after three games, his stat line — 0 goals and 0 assists — was less than flattering. 620 more words

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