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Hit-Piece Inspired by Fellow-Traveler SPLC

Hit-Piece Inspired by Fellow-Traveler SPLC

by Bill Lockwood

Journalism seems to have reached an all-time low with the recent hit-piece against Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel by Claire Galofaro of Associated Press. 630 more words


The Unauthorized Biography of Barack Obama

The Unauthorized Biography of Barack H Obama

by Webster Tarpley

Progressive Press (2008)

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Book Review

Published in the lead-up to the 2008 election, Tarpley’s unauthorized biography of candidate Obama makes some uncanny predictions about his administration’s pro-corporate and pro-war policies. 732 more words

Hidden History

Old Friends

Before he became President he was a freshman U.S. Senator. Before that he was a state senator from a district in a Midwestern state. Before that he was friends with a well-known antiwar protester. 181 more words



We’re going to acknowledge wonderful things and select people who write things that are important to us. We’d like to say their names in our article, but we are not sure that their names can be provided. 1,932 more words

TREASON! That's The Iran Nuclear Bomb Deal And The Democrats In The Senate, The Robots, Are Marching In Lock Step To Pass Obama's Treasonous Deal

Any fair minded American should question an American president by the name of Obama who all his life has surrounded himself with socialists, communists, a terrorist friend by the name of Bill Ayers, who is a long time buddy, a crazy American hater Rev. 627 more words

Creatively Maladjusted: The Wisdom Education Movement Manifesto (Richards)

I picked up this book largely because it contains a foreword by Bill Ayers (http://billayers.org/), who is one of my education heroes. Richards describes his book accurately. 193 more words