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Black Lives Matter - Frauds

From 2-10-17

Originally started working on this one about a week ago – didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a link to analysis and review of this controversial, deceptive organization. 51 more words


Valentine's Day 'shameful' to totalitarians

Maybe I can just squeak by with this, as a local eatery near us is advertising Valentine’s Day dinner specials through the weekend.

I saw Jamie Glazov’s… 1,972 more words


"Black Lives Matter" is a Marxist Political Movement - they Don't Represent all Black People.

2/17/17 – drafted, outlined and written over a┬áperiod of several days.

I’ve thought a great deal about this article before deciding to move forward. 5,228 more words


Bill Ayers, "Demand the Impossible!" | The Big Picture RT

Thom Hartmann quotes Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the introduction to his interview with radical left activist Bill Ayers.

“The liberty of democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself.

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Bomb Maker Bill Ayers celebrates Obama's clemency for bomb maker Oscar Lopez Rivera

Everyone is talking about the release of Manning by Obama, but this little number who remains committed to terrorism poses future risk to all of us. 259 more words

War On Terror

Demand The Impossible

Bill Ayers has been a radical activist for longer than you’ve been alive, probably. Here’s some additional information on him for more context:

We Are, Finally, Here!

After more false-starts than I care to admit, the first We Are Here podcast is up and available for listening!

You can also listen and subscribe to We Are Here on iTunes. 51 more words