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Selling government incompetence - and the agenda behind it

Is there even another agenda behind the recent EPA spill disaster? One that the alternative media haven’t spotted?

World Government can only come when we the people cry out for it – well the openness of the evil being conducted in the United States takes them a big step closer to that cry. 799 more words

The Communist Family Tree of Valerie Jarrett

A disturbing reminder of who our President chose to serve as his co-president — and why.


Barack Obama’s closest and most influential adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has never been an enigma. 1,072 more words


Better Ideas

The latest barbaric incarnation of Islam, whose followers have drowned and burned people alive, cut off heads and raped women, and most recently used a baby to demonstrate explosives by blowing it apart in front of the child’s father, has finally stirred our president to declare that “ideologies are not defeated with guns but better ideas.” Yes, in the very long run, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but those who believe otherwise can sure kill a lot of people before being won over by better arguments. 925 more words


Book Review & Response: “To Teach: A Journey in Comics” by Bill Ayers

How would you define Ayers framework of teaching and learning?

The first thing that comes to mind is constructivist. Most clearly is the example of Bingo the turtle’s ramp that the kids build. 599 more words

Bill Ayers

JAMES TARANTO: ‘It Will Take Time’

Wall Street Journal — Is there such a thing as a disoration?

The best thing that can be said about President Obama’s speech at the Pentagon yesterday, which the White House titled “Remarks by the President on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL,” is that it gave the lie to one conspiracy theory occasionally mooted by Obama’s right-wing critics. 53 more words