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The Right Using the Left's Talking Points?!

After Trump had to cancel his Chicago rally, the whole episode was blamed on him.

Never mind that it was the anarchists of the left, moveon.org. 224 more words

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Are Both Trump and Sanders Falling for a Dirty Trick from Clinton?

by Eric Zuesse

On Saturday, I provided a transcript of a remarkable allegation by a gifted private investigator who has a background not only as a crackerjack reporter about political dirty tricks in both Parties, but formerly as Richard Nixon’s top dirty-trickster himself, and who has recently turned against the Republican Party’s establishment and become a Trump supporter: he hates both Hillary Clinton and the Republican Establishment candidates, because he has become rabid against their shared hypocrisies, which know no Party (and that is certainly true). 864 more words


Trump Protestors - Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders...

Everyone keeps asking the same question – “I don’t understand why the undying affection for Donald Trump?”

Well I have asked around a bit – different age groups, different religious affiliations, different ethnicities, and different political affiliations, and the answer seems pretty much the same: 593 more words


Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing


R.E. Prindle


Thousands of people at the Bomber Billy Ayers stronghold of UIllinois-Chicago shouting Sanders, Sanders hoodies up and the best Republican candidate we have, Donald Trump, is accused of inciting violence? 195 more words

R.E. Prindle

Civil War In America 2016

The time for choosing is past. We The People no longer have a choice between war and peace. The choice has been made for us. The only choice we have, is which side are we on? 882 more words

Super Tuesday, And A Secret Hearing *Open Thread*

Yes, it is Super Tuesday, a day when primaries are being held in a number of states. A lot of delegates are at stake today on both sides of the aisle, though it looks like… 995 more words