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R.E.M. Series: "Automatic For The People" (1992)

Review of R.E.M.’s best-selling classic album “Automatic For The People”

By Carter Bagley

Enjoying life as rock n roll superstars R.E.M. expanded their career even further with the outrageously successful “Automatic For The People”. 1,061 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Out Of Time" (1991)

Review of the album that turned R.E.M. from a beloved indie band to one of the biggest rock bands on the planet

By Carter Bagley… 1,041 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Document" (1987)

Review of R.E.M.’s fifth and final album for the IRS indie label before signing to Warner Bros.

By Carter Bagley

R.E.M.’s fifth and final indie record ever before signing to Warner Bros. 959 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Life's Rich Pageant" (1986)

Review of R.E.M.’s groundbreaking fourth album that introduced us to their arena-rock future

By Carter Bagley

By 1986 R.E.M. were at the top of their game in both skill, experience, and knowledge of the business. 783 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Fables of the Reconstruction" (1985)

American Graffiti’s review of the experimental underrated concept album by R.E.M.

By Carter Bagley

The first two albums by alternative rock icons R.E.M. were perfect but since the band was constantly working and touring they finally showed signs of wear on their third studio album “Fables of the Reconstruction”. 749 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Reckoning" (1984)

American Graffiti’s review of R.E.M.’s classic sophomore effort “Reckoning”

By Carter Bagley

R.E.M. were must’ve been extremely busy in the mid-80’s because they released 5 albums in a 5 year span and toured extensively. 847 more words

R.E.M. Series - "Murmur" (1983)

American Graffiti’s review of the debut album by indie-rock pioneers R.E.M.

By Carter Bagley

I thought an interesting thing I could do for this site is have a series where I go back and review the entire discography of artists I love. 999 more words