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Michael Kenna: The Evidence of Humanity

In her essay Something and Nothing (1) Charlotte Cotton considers a number of contemporary photographers who have investigated the evidence of humanity through uninhabited city and landscapes. 1,494 more words

Research & Reflection

Research point: Socially committed black and white photographers

We are asked to conduct our own research into socially committed black and white photographers discussed so far in the course and make notes in our learning logs. 1,272 more words

Part 2: The B&W Document

Bill Brandt: The Art of Documentary by David Campany

We are asked to read Bill Brandt’s Art of Documentary by David Campany and write a short summary in our learning log discussing how B&W became such a respected and trusted medium in documentary. 657 more words

Personal Reflections

Mañana temprana en el Támesis // Early morning on the Thames (by Bill Brandt, 1939)

“No estoy muy interesado en ángulos extraordinarios. Pueden ser eficaces en ciertas ocasiones, pero no siento la necesidad de ellos en mi propio trabajo. De hecho, siento que el enfoque más simple a menudo puede ser más eficaz. 110 more words


Daniel Meadows - My Perspective

As part of the NCFE Level 2 course, each student has to prepare & make a 15 minute presentation on a studio-based portrait photographer. Part of the unit covering Studio Photography, the presentation is to briefly place the photographer’s work in historical context then focus on photographic & technical aspects rather than biographical. 609 more words


A3 Research - W. Eugene Smith: Spanish Village

Assignment 3 will be based on a small Italian village and as research towards this project I have looked at Eugene Smith’s Spanish village, which was published by Life Magazine in 1951 (1). 2,290 more words

Research & Reflection

Rework of Individual Spaces

Each time I look back at the three pictures I posted for the Individual Spaces Exercise I like them less. These three are brighter versions; the moral of this story is not to spend too much time looking at Bill Brandt before processing black and white images.