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Baboons Watering

Baboons (Papio cynocephalus) are always a treat to watch, because in some respects they reflect many of our characteristics and social behaviours. Here a small troop has arrived at a waterhole and settling in to drink. 243 more words


Muybridge’s Rowing Man

28 August 2017

Tim Koch writes:

Most of us are aware of the photographic work of Edweard Muybridge (born Edward James Muggeridge, 1830-1904), even if we do not all know his name. 210 more words

Exercise 2-3: Bill Brandt's Art of the Document 

Read ‘Bill Brandt’s art of the documentary’ by David Campany and write a short summary. How did B&W become such a respected and trusted medium in documentary?  775 more words


A room of one's own

Young women … you are, in my opinion, disgracefully ignorant. You have never made a discovery of any sort of importance. You have never shaken an empire or led an army into battle. 171 more words


Bill Brandt

Over the years I have been influenced by many photographers, however, there is one that has always stood out for me; Bill Brandt. I came across his photography while doing a project on bodies for my matric art class and the way he created line and form with only a human body inspired my practical for that term. 374 more words


Body and Nature

Body and nature have always been two inseparable elements, despite the fact that today the culture and society are trying very hard to separate them. Today’s people do not want to reach their roots and realize their unity with nature and the fact that it was she who gave us food and shelter for years. 105 more words