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Rework of Individual Spaces

Each time I look back at the three pictures I posted for the Individual Spaces Exercise I like them less. These three are brighter versions; the moral of this story is not to spend too much time looking at Bill Brandt before processing black and white images.


Individual Spaces

Each of these portraits was taken in a place of significance to the subject and are linked together by the nature of the individuals; all three are grandparents but they remain highly active filling their time with a multitude of different pastimes including some lifelong hobbies about which they are passionate. 461 more words


Artist Research

Jeff Koons

I selected Jeff Koons as part of my research before of the differences between his subtle erotic art and his more obviously erotic art work.

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Brandt, Bill

Source: http://www.billbrandt.com/ 16 more words


Bill Jay - The Best Of End Notes

When researching the photography of dog walking I became distracted and diverted. Research is like that, I start on one subject, find a lead to another and so on and so on until I am way off topic but usually richer for having taken the journey. 1,140 more words

Research & Reflection

How to take photographs (?)

Personally, I don’t feel there really is a “way” to take photographs. Photos taken can be of any angle, size and composition. A way to take good photographs however does not require skill, but requires the basic knowledge that stems from those categories mentioned. 607 more words