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Ordinary Beauty

Atmosphere is what charges the ordinary and the banal with beauty.

Bill Brandt


Portrait photography - initial explorations

This Gesture&Meaning-induced exploration into Portrait photography is fascinating, so far. I thought it was the genre I understood the best and the one that is, in some ways, the most straightforward but I am finding this is not so. 1,184 more words

Alex Majoli

Legacy documentary for social change - Bill Brandt's Art of the Document

For this exercise I need to read the essay ‘Bill Brandt’s Art of the Document’ by David Campany, write a short summary and contemplate how B&W became such a respected and trusted medium. 1,756 more words

Research & Reflection

Legacy documentary for social change - Chris Killip

As well as getting us to look at the work of the Exit Photography group this part of the course also ¬†mentions Chris Killip’s In Flagrante… 1,084 more words

Research & Reflection

Another Life Drawing Class

I was lucky enough to attend another life drawing class. This time i was focusing more on proportions and getting the whole figure to be on the page, as i seem to have a knack of zooming into one particular area. 190 more words


Michael Kenna: The Evidence of Humanity

In her essay Something and Nothing (1) Charlotte Cotton considers a number of contemporary photographers who have investigated the evidence of humanity through uninhabited city and landscapes. 1,494 more words

Research & Reflection