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Travel Writing - Why Do It?

Joe’s Post #137

Travel Writing – Why do it?

It’s funny how much writing we actually do that we don’t count as real writing. We focus on novels, short stories, page counts, when the coffee shop opens… you know, what we call the important stuff. 670 more words



Bill Bryson’s first travel book in 15 years will be published in autumn. The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island will be a new journey around Britain by the writer. 70 more words

Books To Read

“Daniel Boone, who not only wrestled bears but tried to date their sisters, described corners of the southern Appalachians as “so wild and horrid that it is impossible to behold them without terror.” When Daniel Boone is uneasy, you know it’s time to watch your step.”

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New Things Daily. Really. Or At Least Attempted...

On Monday, I had intended to give an update on the Book of the Month. Even though the plan derailed, my train of thought is powered by a compulsive desire to see those little calendar dates all filled in, each and every day. 226 more words

Book Of The Month

Simply Books! March Meeting

Soooo I forgot to mention this at the meeting (and in my email to group members, whoops) but March is the Simply Books! Group birthday month! 92 more words


Bill Bryson's "Shakespeare": Review

Bill Bryson quickly entered my favourite writers list when I stumbled upon his “Walk in the Woods” (which tells the story of his walk on the Appalachian Trail) in my mother’s bookcase. 692 more words


April Read: Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent"

I first read Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” about 15 years ago on the heels of finishing his “English: The Mother Tongue.” I loved his humor, perspective and narrative, and “Walk in the Woods” adventures through misadventures along the Appalachian Trail had me completely hooked on his books. 222 more words