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Gun Registration Survives, So What?

It’s a good question. All that occurred on September 22, 2010—when the Canadian Parliament voted to kill a private member’s bill (C-391) that would have ended the registration of long guns in Canada—was that the status quo was maintained. 449 more words


Gun Talk, Stephen Harper, and the Usefulness of Hate

On the list of things in which I myself am simply incapable of taking interest, but which appear to invoke a great deal of interest among a great many people — a list which includes Hollywood, professional sport, inspirational best-sellers, Twitter, and Lady Gaga — the issue of gun control is rather near the top. 822 more words


Lies and distortion in the long-gun registry debate (Part 2)

One of Canada’s most strident ant-gun activists is Wendy Cuckier, a Professor at Toronto’s Ryerson University and the long time president of the Coalition for Gun Control… 1,061 more words

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Gun control and gun owner apathy (a rant)

The vote on killing Candice Hoeppner’s private member’s bill to eliminate the long gun registry is on the table in Ottawa for Wednesday, September 22nd. 465 more words

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Lies and distortion in the long-gun registry debate (Part 1)

There has been a concentrated push by the anti-gun crew – which apparently includes the CBC – to find some way to prevent the passing of Bill C-391 to eliminate the federal long-gun registry. 585 more words

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Yukon MP Larry Bagnell switches votes on gun registry bill

Yukon MP Larry Bagnell voted for Bill C-391, which would eliminate the long-gun registry, for both 1st and 2nd readings.

However, since his Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff, has said he will now whip his caucus’ vote on the bill, Mr. 62 more words

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Why Gun Registration in Canada should be Abolished

I didn’t think it would happen. I thought we were stuck with an incredibly flawed, national, long-gun registration system for the foreseeable future. Unless the Conservatives (the only party to support scrapping the registry) could gain enough seats in the Canadian Parliament to form a majority government (highly unlikely in our divisive political environment), we firearms owners were just going to have to suck-it-up and suppress our frustration. 1,095 more words