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Bill C-61 Social Media Activism

Bill C-61 in 61 Seconds: The Canadian DMCA Video Competition

Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright

CBC’s The Hour on the Canadian Copyfight

Brett Gaylor – Copyright Criminals… 6 more words

Week 9

Rip! A Remix Manifesto

The remixers manifesto:
1. Culture always builds on the past.
2. The past always tries to control the future.
3. Our Future is becoming less free.
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Appropriation Art Condemns Bill C-61.

Harper’s Conservatives introduced legislation that would make Canadian copyright the most repressive in the free world. This, sadly, is neither rhetoric, nor sensationalism.

Many within the cultural community feared a draconian new legislation. 559 more words


Copyright Consultation

The Copyright Consultation organized by the Government of Canada has come and gone. Last year’s Bill C-61 caused a bit of an uproar, which prompted the government’s new Industry Minister to take a different approach. 284 more words

Intellectual Property

Neophile: The Craft Economy

I first came across The Craft Economy last year, through a post at Boing Boing. They attracted attention by stapling their CDs to telephone poles in Kensington Market in Toronto, their hometown (and mine). 145 more words


The Fight for Canada's Digital Future - Dr Michael Geist at Red Deer College

Kempton Lam sent us a message via the Facebook group – Fair Copyright for Canada – Calgary Chapter.

Subject: Dr. Michael Geist to speak at Red Deer College in March…

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Voting Day -1

Some random thoughts:

It’s all over tomorrow. From what the polls are saying, this looks like it may be a parliament nearly identical to the one that preceded it. 214 more words

Stephen Harper