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Hillary Clinton Back On Campaign After Satanic Holiday, Accuses Trump Of Nativism

After celebrating Bartholomew’s Day with fellow Satanist on Wednesday Hillary Clinton is back to campaigning with an event in Nevada. She plans to accuse rival Donald Trump of Nativism as if that’s a bad thing. 872 more words

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Chelsea Clinton Will Stay on Board at the Clinton Foundation

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, her daughter Chelsea is planning on continuing to serve on the board of the Clinton Foundation—the controversial charitable organization the Clinton family founded and have run since Bill Clinton left the presidency. 225 more words


Bill Clinton defends Clinton Foundation, says it creates jobs and saves lives

ATLANTA – Former President Bill Clinton says he’s proud of people who have donated to the Clinton Foundation and the work the organization has done, as he waded into a dispute that Republicans are hoping will damage his wife’s presidential campaign. 501 more words


A Terrible Liar

The singular Nebraska politician (and later New School president) Bob Kerrey once observed of a fellow moderate Democrat: “Bill Clinton is an unusually good liar. Unusually good.” 203 more words


“Mysterious” deaths have renewed interest in the so-called “Clinton body count"

“House of Clinton” is a popular viral video that purportedly shows — or at least asks questions — about the curious deaths of people who had ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton: 128 more words


Im-Politic: Little Thinking in The NY Times on Think Tanks

Even though news organizations like The New York Times are big outfits where it’s hard to keep the left hand informed about what the right hand is doing, it’s disturbing to see how completely the paper has ignored its own reporting about the sophisticated form of corruption perfected by major American think tanks – and keeps mindlessly citing their work and staff members in articles. 906 more words


America’s ‘first gentleman’

What should the people of the world call Bill Clinton if Hillary Clinton wins November’s US president elections?

‘First gentleman’? Or ‘First lad’?

I think the Americans are about to fix the title as wife of Bill, Clinton, has already become much popular to be America’s first woman president. 240 more words