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Crazy Season Of Insane Winners & Losers Continues

The idiocy started in November. Hillary won the popular vote for President, but the Electoral College yo-yos sent the Donald to the White House.

The Atlanta Falcons were beating the hell out of the New England Patriots until the final seconds of the Super Bowl. 159 more words

Man in Hiding Confesses to Illegal Fundraising for the Clintons: “Fears Untimely Death”

By Mac Slavo | SHTFplan

The pattern continues…

Those who are connected to the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clinton crime cartel live in hiding for fear of their lives. 487 more words


An Interview of 42nd US President Bill Clinton

Hundred Percent Interviews: – While you were president, did you ever consider defecting to Nicaragua?

Bill Clinton: Absolutely not. I never even considered it for a second. 162 more words

Bill Clinton

"I Don't Think That President Bill Clinton Would Really Fit In With The Party Today"

We’ve documented that very statement in the headline here week after week. The democrat party has moved so far to the left they rival Wester European Socialist Nations. 106 more words



Reuters: “The largest and busiest airport in Arkansas would no longer be named after the only president and first lady from the state if a bill introduced in the legislature on Thursday succeeds. 57 more words


Angst in the Church of America the Redeemer

Apart from being a police officer, firefighter, or soldier engaged in one of this nation’s endless wars, writing a column for a major American newspaper has got to be one of the toughest and most unforgiving jobs there is. 2,484 more words