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Clinton's Cynical "Sexist" Cries Against Sanders

It’s a desperate campaign that begins firing off salvos of miscellaneous “-isms” against another campaign.

And the Clinton campaign is firing full-bore, double-barrel, 12-gauge double-ought blasts at none other than Gentle Bernie Sanders. 165 more words

The trouble with Hillary

In 1992 Bill Clinton had the charisma thing but he also had the message thing.  His message was “It’s the economy stupid.”  Hillary isn’t Bill, and it may be partly due to the Bernie thing.   140 more words


Bill Clinton Revs Up Attacks Against Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton did not mince words when it came to his wife’s Democratic rival at an event in New Hampshire on Sunday.

At an event in Milford, the former President blasted Sen. 358 more words


Do Women Have to Vote for Hillary?

I’ve been keeping one eye on the U.S. primaries. I won’t start obsessing until the field gets whittled down a bit and panicking if Ted Cruz ends up getting the GOP nomination. 342 more words


Bill Clinton Lets Rip On Bernie Sanders

Former United States President Bill Clinton has laid into Senator Bernie Sanders, accusing the presidential hopeful of living in a “hermetically sealed box.” Bill Clinton’s comments come just after the Iowa primary, where Sanders said he and his Democratic presidential opponent came in a “virtual tie.” 328 more words

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Bill Clinton batters and blasts Bernie Sanders - By ANNIE KARNI 02/07/16 05:55 PM EST

Campaigning for Hillary, he labels Sanders “the champion of all things small and the enemy of all things big.”

Former President Bill Clinton talked about the New Hampshire he campaigned in years ago while criticizing Bernie Sanders’ policy proposals. 230 more words

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