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Parsing Trump

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence called out the mainstream media on Saturday for focusing most of their time trying to parse Donald Trump’s words than investigating the scandals that have followed the Clintons throughout their political careers. 180 more words


Losing Support?

It is unclear how much union support Hillary Clinton actually has.

Even though Jimmy Hoffa Jr. of the Teamsters union endorsed Clinton Friday, the endorsement is undercut by the fact that Hoffa is losing support within his own union. 118 more words



Now that the KKK Grand Dragon has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, maybe it’s time you learned something about the ultimate racist organization?

The KKK began in Tennessee after Southern Democrats lost the Civil War.. 1,445 more words

Hillary Clinton, the emails, the foundation and the pay-to-play allegations

By Paul McGeough
Sydney Morning Herald

It’s true – no smoking gun has been unearthed in the endless vivisection of the affairs of the Clinton Foundation. 2,201 more words

Hillary Clinton Indictment?

And then they said “Hillary might be indicted after these e-mails come out”. Yeah, that would be their reaction to that statement. There is no way she would be indicted, all the crooks in Washington DC work to protect each other no matter what party they belong to or what crime they have committed. 254 more words