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... this News Report is Damning [#Clinton Foundation finances]

. it is several thousand words long . It is long for a New York Slimes piece …

..so , what does it reveal ? quite a bit . 141 more words

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Hillary E-mails Reveal CFR-Clinton-Slaughter-Blumenthal Benghazi Psyop Connections

The latest CFR Benghazi connection comes to light through Hillary Clinton E-mails with Council on Foreign Relations members Anne-Marie Slaughter and Sidney Blumenthal. The e-mails have Slaughter and Blumental advising Hillary and the CFR run State Department to intervene in the Libyan civil war. 1,418 more words

Bill Clinton Withheld Evidence of Iranian Terrorism While Backing Iranian Client In Bosnian War

Bill Clinton suppressed evidence of Iranian terrorist attacks, including those that led to the murder of American citizens.

But than, they – the Iranians – were also Clinton’s  allies in the war against the former Yugoslavia and the Serbian people. 2,840 more words


Letter: United by love, not a last name

Re: “Quebec is liberal but still sexist” (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3)

When a woman marries, she remains herself, she keeps her name.  230 more words


Hillary hijacks the Bern

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… or in the case of Hillary Clinton, hijack ’em till you get the vote.

With the polls heading in one direction, and the debates around the corner, Hillary finally seems to be taking Bernie Sanders seriously and her strategy reflects this – she suddenly agrees with the Bern, and she’s taking charge. 126 more words


Nerve Gas Used at Waco

April 19, 1993, Mt. Carmel, TX.  Following a 51-day standoff between David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the U.S. gov’t decided to end it.  The question is how?  284 more words

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Democrats Fading Away

The Democrats have made it official. They now believe Iran will honor all their agreements and not cheat. Next the Democrats will tell us they believe in the tooth fairy. 494 more words

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