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Will Bill Cosby's conviction be overturned?

Going into this case I decided that I truly only wanted one answer to one question. Here is what I received.

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Bill Cosby

Imprisoned Bill Cosby Loses More Lawyers; Latest New Team On Board

Less than a month after Bill Cosby was sent to state prison for the 2004 rape of Andrea Constand, the man once called “America’s Dad” was up to his old tricks of replacing lawyers. 616 more words

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Curating The Throne

This week the squad gets togetherto discuss Bill Cosby, Dr. Dre’s cancelled show, the death of HBO Boxing, the curator of the Hip Hop exhibit in the NMAAHC, and of course the release, Sports in the Buff, Shooting the 5, One Must Go, and the Legit Check (Watch the Throne – Jay Z & Kanye West)

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'Saturday Night Live' Visits Bill Cosby In Prison

It’s been a long while since Kenan Thompson had done one of his signature impersonations, of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby who has faced numerous allegations of sexual assault and over the past four years went from America’s dad to a convicted felon. 115 more words

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Bill Cosby Talks About Busting Out Of Prison On 'SNL': 'I Got Woody Allen To Drive The Getaway Car'

Yes, ‘SNL’ went there. Kenan Thompson played Bill Cosby on ‘SNL’ to hilarious effect. Read about the viral sketch right here! 314 more words


Bill Cosby Is Having The Time Of His Life In Prison On 'SNL'

Remember how Bill Cosby is in prison? It hasn’t been long, and yet the news cycle is so jam-packed and it moves so fast that we may have collectively forgotten. 220 more words

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On the Front Porch: We’ve Killed Bill; Now Keep Your Eyes on Camille

I, like many of you, grew up watching “The Cosby Show.”  I was hooked on the sitcom from Day One, Episode One.  The program ran for eight years, a lifetime in network television. 933 more words