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Words are a start, but when does sexual harassment end?

I live in hope that the talk around Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment, and “me too” moves past just talk.

The conversations, talk-show fodder and naval gazing that have followed each revelation have happened before — with the sexual abuse allegations levelled against Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, and even U.S. 690 more words



I was 7 years old, taking swimming lessons. I told my mum that the swimming instructor was holding me around the crotch area and it made me feel funny. 2,451 more words

Academy Thrown Side-Eye For Keeping Cosby While Tossing Weinstein

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences promptly kicked Harvey Weinstein out of its membership due to his multiple allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. 286 more words

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Sunny Anderson believes you may not be 'brave' if you wait to report sexual harassment.

Food Network host Sunny Anderson is not feeling all of the Weinstein victims coming forward right now. She doesn’t seem to think that it takes bravery to come forward AFTER someone else comes forward.   44 more words

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What happens when sins of the past come out of the closet?

A LONG, dirty thread links the sadistic killers of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol and South African President Jacob Zuma to sex offenders who thought they would get away with it as time passed. 650 more words

Dear Men: I Don't Owe You My Rape Story

There is safety in numbers. That’s why when you finally see the accusers of a Bill Cosby, a Harvey Weinstein, or a Donald Trump break through the public consciousness, they quickly become an avalanche. 556 more words

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#MeToo: Harvey Weinstein, the Pervasiveness of Sexual Harassment, and Why Women, Like Myself, Sometimes Choose to Remain Silent

Like Terry Crews, reading about Harvey Weinstein makes my stomach turn.

It makes my stomach turn because Harvey Weinstein is a royal piece of sh*t and I have absolutely no sympathy for his fall from grace (like none.  2,628 more words