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The Deeds of Man

Did a little slumming yesterday and tuned to NPR’s Morning Edition in time to hear the story on Bill Crosby, the depositions, the allegations, how people are reacting to the allegations, and how someone thought they should react and why they weren’t reacting in that manner. 511 more words


A Music Production Company

We specialize in live sound engineering, studio engineering, mixing, mastering, composition, song structure, performance, and writing.

Phillip Meyers started Spit Spat Records in 2006. Since it’s creation, many projects, events, and parties have happened. 100 more words

Bill Crosby

Bill Cosby, Stephen Collins, A Supermodel...Who's Next?

What? Another all-American, loving, nurturing, TV dad turns out to be a real life sexual predator?!?! I guess that’s why they call it acting. If new media accounts of the predatory actions of… 264 more words


Progress is impossible without change.

Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they’re the ones that take you to the best places.

My cousin once told me:

  1. You have to know you need a change, and…
128 more words


Have you ever felt misunderstood?

(Does it make you nervous or frustrated?)

Most likely you have. I know I have (many times). People have interpreted my sometimes quietness and holding back as “judgmental” and “stuck up”. 350 more words