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NYC Teachers and Staff Deserve Better

Mayor de Blasio Has Been Causing Major Stress for Teachers and Staff

By: Angelina Salvador

The summer of 2020 had everyone wondering about what would happen once the school semester begins in September (august for college students). 814 more words


DeBlasio Rounds Up Jews

Bill DeBlasio, mayor of New York, has begun rounding up Orthodox Jews because they are protesting his mandates closing synagogues and requiring the Jews to wear face masks in public. 122 more words

Political, Hey!

Herd Immunity is Inevitable: Bill DeBlaiso Rounds Up The Jews as Mike Huckabee Suggests Hitler Let Blacks and Communists Commit Violent Crime

The mayor of New York recently imposed a no tolerance policy on mass gatherings and violent protests are orthodox jews in the city. For context, New York city has the largest single population of jews in the entire world outside Israel (about 2 million total). 582 more words


Elite Liberal Royalty

If you are a member of the “elite liberal royalty”, you do not need to wear a mask when you are out in public. 690 more words


Andrew Cuomo, Bill deBlasio, Coronavirus and NY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D,NY) and Mayor Bill deBlasio (D,NY) have destroyed both NY State and NYC with their reckless, liberal spending and high taxes. Their dictatorial and needless un-constitutional shutdowns packed with restrictions and regulations have further decimated the economies of both NYS and NYC. 60 more words

Crime Out OF Control In NYC

Crime is escalating out of control in New York City after Mayor Bill DeBlasio released criminals and defunded much of the police operations. Here, we see the results: A young woman pushed to the ground in broad daylight and raped in a subway station by a black dude. 47 more words

On The Front Lines