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Batman 99 - which egg will hatch?, Batman in the old west, and where do the hats come from?

The Phantom of the Batcave makes the cover of Batman 99 (April 1956), and the story is a good one.

The Penguin opens the issue, in a story by Finger, Moldoff and Paris. 281 more words

DC Comics

Batman 97 - the Joker's announcements, and Bat-Hound returns

Ace, the Bat-Hound makes his triumphant return in Batman 97 (Feb. 56).

But first there’s yet another Joker story, this one by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.  165 more words

DC Comics

Batman 92 - Ace - the Bat-Hound

Finger, Moldoff and Kaye expand the Batman Family as they introduce Ace, the Bat-Hound in Batman 92 (June 1955).

Batman and Robin rescue a drowning dog, and put an ad in the newspaper, publicly announcing that Bruce Wayne has the dog.  204 more words

DC Comics

Batman 89 - Commissioner Gordon's ancestor, and Bruce Wayne's aunt

Bruce Wayne’s aunt, who was clearly far too busy to look after him as a child, makes her only appearance in Batman 89 (Feb. 55). 276 more words

Batman 87 - Batman's life story, and Batman falls in love

Batman is crazy in love on the cover of issue 87 (Oct. 54).

The first story in the book is by Woolfolk, Moldoff and Kaye, and sees Batman wind up on a “This is your Life” radio show. 243 more words

DC Comics

Batman 86 - the Joker trades up, and Chief Man-of-Bats

Batman goes native in issue 86 (Sept. 54).

Finger, Moldoff and Kaye handle the Joker story in this issue, which is not one of his better appearances. 184 more words

Batman 85 - Batman and the Joker switch minds, and people who dress as Batman

Lots of Batmen on the cover of Batman 85 (Aug. 54).

Reed, Moldoff and Paris spin the Joker story in this issue.

Batman is pursuing the Joker when they both wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time, a scientist’s lab, as he performs an experiment, which results in the two men switching minds. 165 more words