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Space Oddity.

Wall space gallery celebrates our desire to reach the stars in its new exhibition, Space Oddity. We are excited to bring together four artists with a vision of space while still stranded here on Earth. 747 more words

Wall Space Gallery

Too Good 38

Gabrielle checked the alarm function on her phone and confirmed that it was set for seven. Though physically exhausted her mind refused to shut down and she concentrated on deep, meditative breaths to calm herself. 306 more words


Too Good 37

In response to Gabrielle’s laundry list of gleaned facts concerning Specialist Larry Gallardo, his wife, parents and life, Bill Finger let out a long whistle. “Jiminy Cricket! 342 more words


Too Good 36

Gabrielle remembered the sushi dinner as passable but the conversation with Bill Finger, aka Bruce Wayne, as inspired. She retold how she had heard Jenny’s pitiful cries at Arlington Cemetery and had felt compelled to reach out to her. 318 more words


Too Good 35

Bill was waiting for her when she stepped off the train at Reagan. “Gabrielle!” he hollered, “Hey! Julia! Mariko!”

Gabrielle’s head shot up and she cocked her left ear skyward to get a better view of her surroundings. 313 more words


Too Good 34

Safe on the DC METRO Gabrielle held her phone to her ear, pushed a button and heard the computer generated voice inform her that she had a text message from Bill Finger. 275 more words


Too Good 22

The stretch from Rosslyn to Arlington Cemetery is the longest uninterrupted section on the D.C. METRO Rail. There are four stops from Metro Center to Arlington National Cemetery and then four more to National, aka Ronald Reagan, Airport. 379 more words