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What Went Before

The history of the modern comic book is often overlooked, and in many cases under appreciated. Now I’m not arrogant enough to pretend that in a 500-odd word post on a blog I’ll be able to give the subject the depth it deserves, but what I will do is tell you why you should give the history of the medium we love so much more thought that the typical “what issue did this happen in?” 498 more words

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Preview: Co-Creator - The Bill Finger Story

CO-CREATOR IS about Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman. To this day, only Bob Kane has been credited, and Bill has gone 76 years without recognition. 81 more words


Bill Who?

You’ve never heard of Bill Finger, have you? That’s okay. Not enough people have. It’s a cryin’ shame, a story worthy of a comic book in and of itself (incidentally, you can find that… 780 more words

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The Legacy of Bill Finger

“Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” This quote became famous in Chris Nolan’s, The Dark Knight… 560 more words

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Bill Finger, The Mack Daddy

I’d fancy a hefty wager that most of you don’t know the name Bill Finger. In fact, you probably don’t even know the name Bob Kane. 826 more words

The Radio Dan Show: Athena Finger & Tamerlane


Download:  http://goo.gl/vn9W24

Dan welcomes Athena Finger, granddaughter of comic book legend Bill Finger. to the show. And somehow real life super villain Tamerlane shows up to make things more evil.

Show Episodes

Batman, The Incessant Battle

New York, city of multiple faces, has been used for years as the landmark of numerous superheroes in the DC and Marvel Universe. Before the new vigilantes (the Avengers, Green Lantern or even Spider-man) chose to settle down their headquarters on New York’s ground, NYC was ultimately associated with the Batman. 659 more words

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