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25 Facts You Won't Know About Batman

Over Wonder Con weekend, media outlets like our fine establishment were given a press kit from DC Entertainment that had tons of great information about the Caped Crusader and his upcoming 75th birthday. 530 more words


The Phantom: The Unsung Inspiration of Modern Comics

First appearing in newspapers on February 17, 1936, the Phantom was the first character to wear the skintight costume worn by so many superheroes today. He was also the first character to wear a mask with no visible pupils. 432 more words

Comic Books

Action 277 - Luthor's multi-coloured kryptonite, and Supergirl judges the super-pets

The Battle of the Super-Pets really does happen in the Supergirl story in Action 277 (June 1961), but first, the Superman tale.

Bill Finger, Curt Swan and John Forte pull off one of the best Lex Luthor tales from the era in this story. 347 more words

Action 248 - Jimmy and Clark in prison, and Congo Bill becomes Congorilla

Congorilla gets to share the cover of Action 248 (Jan. 59) with Superman.  This is only the second time Congo Bill has been represented on the cover of this book, despite a run of over 15 years. 252 more words

Action 211 - the International Daily Planet returns

Finger, Boring and Kate revisit the International Daily Planet in Action 211 (Dec. 55).

Curiously, Perry White refers to this as the anniversary of the first editions, which were shown in the earlier story, but lists different countries.  99 more words

Action 210 - Superman Land

Superman, his home world and friends, get a theme park about them in the Finger, Boring and Kaye story in Action 210 (Nov. 55).

By and large, this story functions as an introduction to the character and his origin.  136 more words

Action 136 - Superman's super-ego, and Tommy Tomorrow finds Argo City?

Ok, I know this cover.  Action 136 (Sept. 49) is a take-off of something famous.  But what is it from?  Was this a cover of Life?  279 more words