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deviations from the plane of the ordinary…

In the summer of 1835, The Sun (of New York) published a series of articles that purported to describe scientific discoveries of a civilization of bat-winged humanoids on the Moon. 491 more words


Holy Recognition Batman! Clinic Alum Alethia Mariotta Secures Long-Overdue Credit for Co-Creator of Batman

After seventy-five years of anonymity, Bill Finger, co-creator of Batman, will posthumously receive the recognition he deserves. In July 2015, Finger Family Attorney and Washington College of Law IP clinic alumna Alethia Mariotta (’02) conducted closed door negotiations with Warner Brothers and has secured official credit for Bill Finger as co-creator of Batman and other golden age comic book characters. 216 more words

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NYCC 2016: Hulu's"Batman and Bill" Interviews

As we’ve discussed before on this site, the issue of Batman creator Bill Finger receiving the credit he deserves is certainly a major one. It’s a topic that has been garnering more and more attention over the past few years, culminating in Bill receiving co-creator billing on  217 more words


The Importance Of Owning Your Narrative (As Taught By Batman)

OK, this is one of those life-coaching posts, yadda yadda yadda…but it also has Batman in it! (so hang in there!)

Long story short: if you want to be a success, you need to understand what your “story” is. 728 more words


NYCC: Batman & Bill Coming To Hulu!

Are you in Ballroom 1A06 right now? If not, you are missing out on the announcement of a Hulu Limelight Documentary “Batman & Bill”.

The documentary is going to be about Bill Finger who is now being credited as co-creator of our Dark Knight. 57 more words



Few random things I didn’t really touch on with the Wednesday Post.

  • Going to a daily post reflecting on the day each day at NYCC next week rather than the usual Wednesday Wonderings.  
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Must There Be a Superman

In Batman v Superman (2016) there is a blink and you will miss it moment referencing the Superman #247 (January 1972), story “Must There Be a Superman” by Elliot Maggin. 113 more words