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World's Finest 140 - The Clayface Superman, and Green Arrow ends

The first Batman villain to take on both Superman and Batman solo in this book is Clayface, in a story by Wood, Mooney and Moldoff, in World’s Finest 140 (March 1964). 363 more words

World's Finest 137 - Superman turns evil

World’s Finest 137 (Nov. 63) has one of the better plots from this era, thanks to Finger and Mooney.

Superman heads into space to help aliens fix up their planet, but when he returns to Earth, he begins a crime spree, heading back out into space at the end of it. 123 more words

World's Finest 136 - The Batman Nobody Remembered

Batman is the solo star of the enjoyable Finger and Mooney story from World’s Finest 136 (Sept. 63).

The story begins as Batman crashes the Batplane during a storm.  184 more words

World's Finest 134 - Superman and Batman and chaos in Science City, and Miss Arrowette saves the day with a mascara arrow

Superman and Batman fend off an unusual invasion plot in World’s Finest 134 (June 1963).

Finger and Mooney set this adventure in Science City, a high tech city of the future, located on an island just off the coast.  266 more words

World's Finest 133 - Superman and Batman battle monsters from the stars, and Aquaman teams with Aqua-Girl

Just a terrible cover on World’s Finest 133 (May 1963), and the story, by Finger and Mooney, isn’t much better.

A romantic triangle involving rival scientists is at the core of this story.  161 more words

World's Finest 132 - Superman vs Batman and Robin in Florence, and Aquaman vs Topo in the water

Carter Nichols returns in this Finger, Mooney and Moldoff story from World’s Finest 132 (March 1963).

Nichols summons Superman when Batman and Robin do not return from a time trip, for the second time.  234 more words

World's Finest 131 - Superman and Batman vs the Crimson Avenger (sort of)

A new Crimson Avenger appears in World’s Finest 131 (Feb. 63), in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.

This Crimson Avenger is an aspiring crime fighter.  187 more words