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Out of the mouth of babes....

“I am CEO, Bitch”

That is what Mark Zuckerberg’s visiting card is rumoured to have said, when he presented one to the venerable Managing Directors of the equally venerable Sequoia Partners at their Sandhill Road offices. 684 more words

"I Don't Mow The Lawn" says Bill Gates, Richest Dude in the US

I went to one of those huge mega bookstores on my lunch break the other day, you know the ones, coffee bar and all. Under my time constraints I went straight to the front desk and asked the young lady, “Do you have any books written by Bill Gates?” She pushes some buttons and promptly tells me “no, we don’t carry that, but I can order it for you”. 618 more words

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Americorp Volunteers: Helping 'Promise Land' Communities Succeed or Experts in Data Collection?

(Early 2014 picture of 5 Promise Zones for AmeriCorps VISTA deployments.  Numerous other cities, including Minneapolis, have been added.)

Americorp Volunteers:  Helping ‘Promise Land’ Communities Succeed or Experts in Data Collection? 2,166 more words

Common Core State Standards

to Begin to Begin

I’m excited to announce (on a public domain) my efforts toward producing a sci-fi novel called, ‘Omega Point’. The story takes place in a plausible near-future with our world at the brink of another conflict due to current socio-economic, technological and ideological trends. 366 more words

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Mayor Bloomberg On Homeless Girl Featured In The New York Times: ‘That’s Just The Way God Works’

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and people in his economic class are so out of touch with real world problems..

Think Progress 

Outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NY) went on the defensive when asked whether he was moved by the New York Times’  450 more words

New York Times

Hope needs to be contained.

‘Hope needs to be contained.’ Although extremely dystopian, this sentence is fascinatingly poetic and has a bizarre truth and beauty to it.

Recent experiences have left me reeling and deeply contemplating about the role hope has to play in our lives. 598 more words