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How Rich Is Bill Gates?

We all know he has a lot of money, but let’s look at some numbers.


A re-look at BILL GATES powerful 2009 discussion on WHAT MAKES A TEACHER GREAT

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1EoRH8h)

I stumbled upon this amazing speech Bill Gates gave in 2009 about teachers in the US, and though I am not American, it was very interesting because all the points he made were true about the rest of the world too. 502 more words


Bill Gates and Paul Allen : Bringing Computers to Everybody

Friendship, partnership and success are very rarely synonymous. But it happened in case of Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Bill became famous while Paul chose to remain in the background. 259 more words


What it takes to be a tech startup #EchoicGuy

There are many opinions on tech startups. Some see it as something only a genius can accomplish, while others think its an easy task. Beware, any successful business takes time and effort to create, not to mention brainpower. 490 more words


100 days. Really?

That’s right, another 100 days post. But, here is the deal, there is no 100 day challenge because there is no audience here. Just me. New me. 428 more words

Babe Ruth

have you met Ms Jones...

Bronwen Jones – She doesn’t really like talking about herself, it really is all about the kids. Friendly loving, and formidable at times; she has to oversee some 20 children who she accommodates in her home, cottages in the grounds and nearby school. 1,026 more words