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Ezra Klein: Bill Gates's Fearful Obsession, Spanish Flu – 'Today, Would Kill More Than 33 Million People in 250 Days'

Vox — I. Bill Gates is an optimist.

Ask him, and he’ll tell you himself. “I’m very optimistic,” he says. See?

And why shouldn’t Bill Gates be an optimist? 131 more words


This is what keeps Bill Gates up at night

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He essentially invented personal computing and co-founded a major multinational corporation. But what really keeps him up at night has nothing to do with technology–it’s about humanity. 231 more words


Bill Gates Thinks This Is the Deadliest Threat to Humankind

In the next 20 years, is it likely that nuclear war, gigantic earthquakes or asteroids could kill 20 million people? Bill Gates doesn’t think so. 93 more words

The Secret Group That Wants to Take Over Your School

Their work behind the scenes is every bit as dangerous for the future of education as ALEC’s.

By Sarah Lahm /  The Progressive

May 27, 2015… 173 more words