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Vegetarian Curry Puffs

I’m putting it out there, I’m a massive fan of curry puffs. Our local Thai restaurant make some of the best I know with crumbly, buttery pastry and a tasty filling with just the right amount of bite to whet your appetite. 426 more words


Bills in Sydney's Darlinghurst: Fab Food, Fab Vibe

I’m a long time fan of Bill Granger and his food. His iconic first restaurant, bills in Darlinghurst, is a favourite place for breakfast or lunch – and it’s just around the corner from where I work. 348 more words


BBQ Pork with Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

It’s not often you’ll hear one of us say our kitchen smells like dirty Thai. We’re not being offensive when we say that, we mean good real Thai food off the back streets of Bangkok, cooked on well seared woks and bbqs. 540 more words


Soup to share

I make no claims on the recipe for this wonderful, hearty soup inspired by the Italian ribollita.

But I’ve been cooking it a lot in this chilly winter weather (well, chilly by Australian standards!) People keep asking me for the recipe so I thought I’d share it here. 633 more words

General Post

Glazed Salmon with a Cucumber Sesame Salad

Serves: 4

My fourth Bill Granger dish from his book, Everyday Asian.

And with a ‘great’ recipe strike-rate of three out of four and an easiness factor of ten out of ten, Bill Granger is officially no longer the suspect cook I had him for prior to cooking from this book. 198 more words


Marinated Korean-style barbequed beef with miso slaw

Serves: 6

Another fabulous Bill Granger recipe and so easy. And healthy!

Another weeknight dinner locked in.

It is from his book Everyday Asian and thus far, not only are the dishes simple enough to be… 334 more words


Bill Granger’s lamb curry with yoghurt and tomatoes

Serves: 6

I sat for 5 minutes wondering how to start this post.

For I am just not sure how I feel about Bill Granger. I’ve cooked some of his recipes and had real success; others, well I didn’t cook them because they just looked strange. 262 more words