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What's in the Middle of Left and Right?

Bill Maher came back from his annual vacation in Hawaii, where he gets stoned and enjoys the beach with his good friends like Woody Harrelson…. 1,550 more words

Is It Okay for Me to Talk About #MeToo Now?

As a heterosexual male who hasn’t experienced sexual assault or abuse, when the #MeToo movement first started last fall  I felt the right thing to do was to just listen. 2,752 more words

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Use Your Words

After taking a month or so away from work (my brand work), I have to tell you, I’m happy to be back. As many of you were making New Years resolutions, I was dicking around doing my best to avoid any sort of reality. 980 more words

Michael Wolff Insinuates That Trump Is Currently Having An Affair With Someone In The White House

As Friday night’s government shutdown continues to dominate the news, tabloid reports regarding President Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels maintain a sturdy second-place position. 331 more words

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Alabama flu epidemic; --Can you handle the truth?

If for a moment, you believe flu injections protect you from these seasonal, convenient profit making illnesses; Can you handle the truth!

The selling of sickness…

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Hollywood, Pundits React In Kind To Trump's "Sh*thole" Crudity

With vulgarity getting more TV airplay than any time since The Sopranos faded to black, Hollywood and Beltway Twitter pages are, no surprise, no more genteel today. 1,370 more words

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