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Students should organize to combat climate change

I take immense pride in my recycling record. I go out of my way to bring reusable bags to go grocery shopping. I always turn the lights off when I leave a room. 508 more words

Bill McKibben

See THE FUTURE OF ENERGY on Earth Day, Weds 4/22

All around the world a powerful transition is taking place. Communities are building local movements to address economic instability and the worst effects of climate change. 221 more words


Asking the Wrong Question

The climate scare rests on predictions produced by mathematical modeling. One of the world’s finest scientific minds says prediction isn’t what those models do – and that the climate conversation is ignoring important facts. 780 more words


McKibben's Mark

He calls himself an “unlikely activist,” although Bill McKibben has certainly left his mark on America’s environmental debate. With more than a dozen books, articles appearing in… 254 more words


The Next System Project

If you believe, as I do, that there is a way out of the mess we’re confronted with in our country and our world, then take a look at this new initiative – … 91 more words


Recommended link: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre

I have embarked on sequences of new posts which examine a number of ideas from books I have recently read. These ideas relate to where our society is heading and what we as individuals might be able to do about that. 506 more words

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