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The Sun Over Africa Is Powerful

The author has been featured in our pages mainly as an activist, but it is good to see he has returned to the New Yorker as a reporter, writer, and keen observer: 850 more words


Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision - by Bill McKibben - NYT

“Those changes, and similar ones agreed to by other nations, would not have ended global warming. They were too small. But the hope of Paris was that the treaty would send such a strong signal to the world’s governments, and its capital markets, that the targets would become a floor and not a ceiling; that shaken into action by the accord, we would start moving much faster toward renewable energy, maybe even fast enough to begin catching up with the physics of global warming. 139 more words

Climate Change

Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision by BILL McKIBBEN

The president’s decision to quit the Paris climate accord undercuts the planet’s best hope.. via NYT Opinion http://nyti.ms/2suRI5S


Nelson: Canada without energy industry is a pipe dream

Normally I’d have a smidgen of sympathy for someone suggesting we stop swooning over our prime minister.

But, in the case of Bill McKibben, the reigning poster child for the more radical elements of the North American environmental movement, such nodding acquiescence sails out the window. 578 more words


Peoples Climate March: We resist. We build. We r

Find out how to get involved and sign up for updates here: 350.org/PCM


Green Mania

That Justin Trudeau is a genial and pleasant-tempered man may not be “a truth universally acknowledged,” but that he is as close to that perfect status as any human being is likely to get is not a proposition inviting dissent. 280 more words


Bill Maher: Make Earth Great Again

Bill Maher concluded Friday’s show explaining why we should concentrate on saving our planet rather than dreaming about colonizing Mars:

I’m a big fan of science fiction and space exploration, but colonizing Mars makes no sense…it might be a neat adventure to visit the place, but not now; $450 billion would be better spent here on Gaia. 45 more words