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I am lucky enough to be one of the first Texas Tech University undergraduate students to present an essay at the Sowell Collection Conference.  Presenting at the conference entailed researching, editing multiple drafts, and practicing the essay over and over.  726 more words


Beautiful Destruction photographer hopes book sparks constructive dialogue on oilsands

For anyone who has witnessed the heated environment-versus-industry oilsands debate in Alberta, suggesting it might be partially cooled through the power of art may seem more than a little optimistic. 915 more words

Local Arts

Why targeting U.S. college portfolios won’t stop climate change

In 2011, 350.org founder Bill McKibben and other environmental activists launched a divestment campaign that, over time, has expanded across university campuses and become part of the backdrop in the climate change conversation. 834 more words


"Healing the World"

I have spent countless hours over the last several years working on the issues of shale oil/gas fracking, climate change, and renewable energy, primarily through online commentary.  875 more words


We need an alternative

Welcome to my blog! Let’s get right to it…

So lately I’ve been thinking about our current economic model. I’ve had this thought rolling around in my head for a while, but a book I’m reading called  479 more words

A Pipeline for Mr. Nocera

Joe Nocera is one of my least favorite of the regular New York Times columnists. I almost always disagree with him; I like to read his columns just to see what kind of inane argument he’s going to concoct this time for an untenable position. 581 more words


The rhetoric of environmental writing

The rhetoric of environmental writers varies from compelling expositions that effect change, to propaganda that turns away skeptical readers.

In heralding an era of environmental awareness, Rachel Carson elegantly condemns the use of pesticides in the seminal Silent Spring. 1,111 more words