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Pope Paul Francis, who has long pressed for strong climate action and wrote his 2015 encyclical on the environment, has been trying to change the hearts and minds of those resistant to this message including his holding a forum at the Vatican where he took the time to talk to oil executives in June 2018. 927 more words

Republican Party

‘Not noticing’ may not be the first thing you’d look for in a police chief, but in the Bruce administration it’s an essential skill.

McKibben calls this a fable, but I don’t know. What if people like Vern in states like Vermont all over the nation became accidental, nonviolent secessionists? 557 more words


It’s too late chaps, we’re toast! — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

In January 2008 Joseph Romm said Quote: The nation’s top climate scientist, NASA’s James Hansen, apparently now believes “the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 is no more than 350 ppm,” according to an op-ed by the great environmental writer Bill McKibben.

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Jon Queally: Challenging Cuomo From Left, Cynthia Nixon Gets Big Applause for Going Huge on Climate

“We must transition from an economy based in toxic carbon emissions toward an economy that protects workers, our communities, and our planet,” said Nixon. “It won’t be easy. 492 more words

Opinion Leaders

In the endless buffet line that constitutes modern consumer culture, we’ve learned to think of choice as our highest value.

… The Chinese, writes, “were simply not greedy enough.

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Your 2 and 20 is now 1 and 10. The rest will be converted to cryptocurrency and paid to me.

— Bobby Axelrod Billions: Season 3, Episode 3…

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The Anthropocene as the Beginning of our Descent to Eaarth

The myriad, variegated narratives inspired by UFOs—from sighting reports to the wildest, baseless fantasies to more sobre, scholarly research and reflection, as well as fiction, films, documentaries, and even poems—taken in toto can be grasped, as Jung proposed, as a “visionary rumour” or “myth of things seen in the sky”, the manifest content of a collective dream expressing the anxieties and aspirations of a technological civilization that can imagine its own species suicide as readily as relocating to another planet. 1,002 more words