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American Startups Work to Bring Solar Powered Electricity to Parts of Africa

A June 26, 2017 article by Bill McKibben in the New Yorker titled, The Race to Solar-Power Africa explains the reasons why implementing an electric grid on the continent presents a unique challenge. 115 more words


Information for Our Survival: LIS and Climate Change

Here at Hack Library School, we consistently highlight the ways in which the LIS field innovates. We declare over and over again: libraries are not simply warehouses of books, and archives are not dusty basements of forgotten files. 648 more words


Go Faster and Go Further

As we approach the 100th day of the Trump administration this Saturday, it’s clear that the new president has determined to maintain the fossil fuel regime. 674 more words

Climate Change

McKibben On Distributed Solar Power in Africa

Bill McKibben writes this month in The New Yorker about the burgeoning small scale solar business in Africa.

In this century’s version of neo-colonialsim, sub-Saharna Africa is being overrun by young Americans and outside VC – inevitable, given the roll back in multinational aid. 764 more words


Bill McKibben on the Laws Of Physics

Environmentalist Bill McKibben knows exactly who has been blocking meaningful Climate Change intervention, and here’s what he had to say about it…

“The laws of Congress and the laws of physics have grown increasingly divergent, and the laws of physics are not likely to yield.” ~ …

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The Sun Over Africa Is Powerful

The author has been featured in our pages mainly as an activist, but it is good to see he has returned to the New Yorker as a reporter, writer, and keen observer: 850 more words


Trump’s Stupid and Reckless Climate Decision - by Bill McKibben - NYT

“Those changes, and similar ones agreed to by other nations, would not have ended global warming. They were too small. But the hope of Paris was that the treaty would send such a strong signal to the world’s governments, and its capital markets, that the targets would become a floor and not a ceiling; that shaken into action by the accord, we would start moving much faster toward renewable energy, maybe even fast enough to begin catching up with the physics of global warming. 139 more words

Climate Change