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George Perkins Marsh, Awakening My Inner Environmentalist.

There Is No Space for Unabridged Freedom In Nature

Bill McKibben, in his introduction of the textbook, American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau notes that environmental writing is “America’s single most distinctive contribution to the world’s literature” (xxii). 805 more words


Sanders endorses Clinton to lead the fight against climate change

Bernie Sanders officially threw in the towel on Tuesday in New Hampshire by endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Hitting on the themes his campaign has stressed throughout the primaries, Sanders laid out what this election is really about. 205 more words

Climate & Energy

Betraying Progressives, DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation

Appointees by Clinton and Wasserman Schulz resoundingly reject numerous proposals put forth by Sanders surrogates

By Lauren McCauley, staff writer  Common Dreams  June 25, 2016 … 844 more words


A City Stops the Coal Train in its Tracks

June 10th marks a day of both great tragedy and great celebration in my small city of Bellingham, WA.  That’s because 17 years ago on that date, a pipeline carrying gasoline from a refinery north of the city and that runs through our Whatcom Falls Park, in the middle of the city, exploded. 906 more words

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Local author releases book on Transition movement 

It is “a beautiful book about a beautiful movement,” Bill McKibben said. “Almost by definition, hoping we can effect a transition is a statement of faith, which means that those of us in communities of faith should be emboldened to support this great work with everything we’ve got.” 209 more words

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Oil and Honey

I’m still figuring out what kind of content to publish on The Adolescent Environmentalist, but I’m leaning towards just posting anything and everything that has to do with sustainability and saving the environment. 736 more words

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Decolonizing Environmentalism: Fossil Fuels, Slavery, and White Supremacy

By Dr. Herukhuti

When I hear the word “fossil,” I think of elementary school trips to the American Museum of Natural History. Seeing displays of dinosaur bones and other remnants from the period when… 541 more words