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Lost in Translation

Hi everyone!

Since my last few posts were about books and TV shows I decided to make this one about one of my favourite movies- Lost in Translation(2003). 227 more words


Lost In Translation (2003)

Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson with direction by Sofia Coppola, this film is set in the fast-paced, technological, and modern world of Tokyo, Japan. That is where Bob and Charlotte find themselves and they both are lost, simply going through the motions of life. 513 more words

Long Review

St. Vincent movie review

If ever there was a movie that lived and died by its cast, St. Vincent is that movie.  (And this movie lives.)  490 more words

Movie Review

5 Ways to Live a Bill Murray Kind of Life According to Bill Murray

The first step to living a Bill Murray kind of life is to be spontaneous.  Murray has become famous for randomly showing up to give a soon to be newlywed couple advice on life, taking tickets at a minor league baseball game, or to join you and your friends for some karaoke. 309 more words

lost in translation.

I saw this movie a few years ago and immediately fell in love. It could be because of Bill Murray, or Scarlett, but mainly, probably, mostly because I love Sophia Coppola and all of her films. 82 more words

Copying My Heros

I lost.  I have to leave the beautiful home I dubbed Twinkle Light Manor on June 1st because my roommate “should be able to do whatever she wants and be as loud as she wants whenever she wants and also walk around naked” (that is a direct quote), and I value common courtesy, which is not aligned with the former statement.   759 more words

Bill Murray Makes Everything Better

  Good grief.  We just got through one of *those* weekends.  You know the type – kids are crazy, weather isn’t quite nice enough to go outside, you’re tired, and you bump into EVERYTHING?   181 more words