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Euro candidate Issan Ghazni urges Lib Dems to help win in Gainsborough

Euro candidate Issan Ghazni made a rallying call to campaign for victory as the party fights two important by-elections in the East Midlands.

Ghazni hit the streets of Gainsborough for a day of campaigning and praised the two local candidates, Lesley Rollings who is running for Lincolnshire county council and Barry Coward who hopes to be elected onto West Lindsey district council. 203 more words

Issan Ghazni

Euro candidate Issan Ghazni on Europe’s role tackling cross-border green issues

East Midlands Euro candidate Issan Ghazni has spoke about the environment when he met activists from Amber Valley.

Speaking to members after the local AGM, he said that the environment is no respecter of borders which is why Europe plays such a critical role with anti-greenhouse gas initiatives across the EU. 149 more words

Issan Ghazni

Euro candidate Issan Ghazni says family war experience strengthens resolve to support Europe

Visiting party activists in Southwell, the East Midlands Euro candidate Issan Ghazni told of his family history fighting for Britain in World War II and how this had strengthened his belief in the European Union to ensure the continent never experienced such a conflict again. 161 more words

Issan Ghazni

Issan Ghazni says being positive about Europe is a vote winner

East Midlands Euro candidate Issan Ghazni spoke to activists in Mid Derbyshire urging them not to be discouraged by Euro-scepticism in the media.

Addressing the Annual General Meeting in Allestree, north of Derby, Ghazni said that negative myths can be overcome on the doorstep by explaining the benefits of Europe. 177 more words

Issan Ghazni

Euro candidate Issan Ghazni joins Action Day in Derby

East Midlands Euro candidate Issan Ghazni joined forces with party members in Derby North recently.

He hit the doorsteps with Lucy Care, our general election candidate, for a day of leafleting and bundling. 126 more words


Leigh-Mallory, Liddell Hart, and the Conundrum of the Geneva Disarmament Conference

As Edward Fox said when depicting Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Horrocks in A Bridge Too Far, “this is a story you will tell your grandchildren, and mightily bored they’ll be!” Seriously, this is the tale of how something that you believe you dealt with can easily re-emerge with the simple turn of a page, literally. 1,018 more words

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Issan Ghazni attends European Dinner in Leicestershire

Nottingham City Party Chairperson, Issan Ghazni attended a European Dinner event on Friday 31st August in Rearsby, Leicestershire. The evening was organised by the East Midlands Regional Policy Officer… 202 more words

Issan Ghazni