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In Praise of the Bowtie

Recently Guy Ritchie, one of my favorite directors, went onto the podcast the Joe Rogan Experience to publicize his new film.  During their discussion of film-making, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and their shared affection for custom knives, Rogan started ribbing his guest about his choice to wear a suit.   923 more words


Thank You Bill Nye For Saving The World

Bill Nye has always been and will be “the science guy” to me and many others of my generation. When a subject was hard to grasp, he always managed to simplified science in a way anyone at any age could understand. 618 more words



Science. It spurs the imagination when combined with fiction, its innovations have given humanity everything from microwave popcorn, microwave ovens that cook said popcorn, and cheese-in-a-can, to the smartphones we use, televisions we watch, and the rocketry that flies astronauts into space. 412 more words


Bill Nye is “enlightened” and “forward thinking”…yeah, I’m kidding

The latest garbage from Bill Nye Saves the World: The “science of feelings” via a cartoon with talking ice cream cones that mock monogamous heterosexual relationships as unnatural. 6 more words


Bill Nye No Science Guy

Authored by Anne Reed | AFA Journal | Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 2:19 PM

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Bill Nye the Science Guy, the bow-tie guy best known for his 1990’s TV show for kids by the same name, it turns out is anything but kid-friendly.

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The Science Agenda

On the heels of the so-called “March for Science,” Bill Nye released his new show on Netflix, humbly titled Bill Nye Saves The World.

Right-wing media has been going berserk, almost enough to get me to dive in & watch this shit-show for myself…though the tidbits that have emerged on YouTube have been more than enough to satiate my masochistic tendencies. 594 more words


Non-Political YouTube Series--Day 3

Today’s non-political video features Bill Nye’s affirming and thoughtful response to the question of whether homosexuality can be an evolutionarily developed trait. He answers the question asked and elaborates on his very sensible position. 73 more words