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Bill Nye explains the universe on Inside Amy Schumer

So, this happened, and it’s wonderful. Amy Schumer has been on fire lately.

I don’t think I could ever have anticipated that I’d someday be warning for NSFW language on a video containing Bill Nye, but he definitely says the f-word.


3 Things to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

It would be the understatement of the year to say that Netflix has a lot of possible content to watch. The following are my three choices for what you should be watching on Netflix this weekend. 324 more words

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Light Sail Mission update (5/21/15)

Dear reader here’s a link to the Light Sail Mission control page so you can track it’s progress if you want (this current launch is to my personal understanding a test flight the big mission is due for the 2016). 37 more words


Launch was awesome(5/20/2015)

Dear reader getting  to watch the launch via my Nook Glaxy  4 Tablet  was awesome, I swear I even got goosebumps. I feel so excited and blessed to have been able to donate some money to this project via the kickstarter. 35 more words


Bill Nye is now streaming on Netflix

Please, consider the following:

“Bill Nye The Science Guy” is now streaming on Netflix, according to Tech Times.

You can now binge-watch 31 episodes of the classic show that your science teacher probably made you watch in elementary school, thus leading to your only fond memories of that class. 19 more words


Thirty-One Episodes Of 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' Are Streaming On Netflix

For your nostalgic learning pleasure, Bill Nye the Science Guy has finally arrived on Netflix for streaming.

There are 100 episodes of the beloved mid-90s educational show, which means a little less than a third of the entire show is currently streaming, but Netflix will probably add more episodes if enough people watch it. 141 more words


Watch the launch on Wednesday.

Dear reader I am sharing this so you can watch the launch on Wednesday

Also consider giving so that you can be a part of of the project as well: 22 more words