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Here’s an extremely unpopular and radical opinion within the United States – get rid of the constitution.

The constitution was constructed for the founders of America in 1789.

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Minimum Wage, the Constitution, and the Long Fight for Popular Control Over the Economy

On April 4, the governors of California and New York signed off on legislation raising their state’s minimum wages to $15 per hour. While the public may disagree about the merits of this measure and what the cumulative effects will be, there is little disagreement that states – as “laboratories of democracy” – are entitled to perform such economic experiments. 2,252 more words


... The Way that the Left Tramples Free Speech [#political chalking][#depaul univ]...

.. the loonies got pissed when the Right fought back . The Conservatives on DePaul University ‘ s campus decided to fight back in Campaign 2016 . 67 more words

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Second Amendment Mouse Pad

Enjoy this computer mouse pad featuring a Second Amendment graphic design promoting our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Perfect for any desk or work space. 12 more words


Shocker, not: What’s the purpose of our Bill of Rights? Most eighth-graders have no idea

From the Seattle Times: Fewer than half of American eighth-graders know why we have a Bill of Rights. Only one in 10 understand the concept of checks and balances between branches of government. 440 more words

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AB1663 Weapons Ban - California Assembly Communist? Hitler like?

With the changes in government the past 40 years controlling education and the media to brainwash the people of the United States, and with the recent changes since the Obama Administration, it awaken the Patriots across the United States. 377 more words


Comments Disappear Even From the History

Comments are disappearing from even the history of our work on the internet accessible through our computers, which is just amazing considering how everything we do on the internet leaves a permanent trail for the spies and marketers. 372 more words