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Children with Incarcerated Parents

There is growing research regarding the adverse experience of parental incarceration and its potential to lead to future negative outcomes, however, much of the research relies on statistical outcomes from educational data, juvenile justice statistics, and caregiver perspectives (Dallaire, 2007; Krisberg & Temin, 2001; Reed & Reed, 1997; Grossman et al., 1992; Jenson, 1997; Rutter, 1987; Werner & Smith, 1992). 525 more words

The Real Threat to Our Democracy… Population Growth

Actually, population growth is the greatest threat to humanity as a whole.  But likely well before the effects of that consumes our human existence our country will fall victim to not so much over-population but rather an accelerated population growth.  1,303 more words

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A Teacher's Bill of Rights

I  To ensure that there is authority commensurate with responsibility for the instructional task. The teacher has the right and responsibility to ensure her professional needs are met before engaging in instruction. 259 more words

Public Education

Exercise Your Right to Know Your Rights

As a citizen of this country, you have many rights. Sadly, despite what the Beastie Boys have told you, the right to party is not officially one of them, though I suppose that’s why they said you have to fight for it. 134 more words

Benbrook Library

How Many Lower Lake Teachers Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb

Monday I found the Post Office closed for Columbus Day. It was not really Columbus Day but Mondays are the dumping ground for days off disguised as holidays. 1,095 more words


Does the United States Economy Need An Economic Bill of Rights?

An Economic Bill of Rights looks like the only way to fix economic regulatory problems.

Ninth Amendment. I have written about the ninth amendment before, and I can write about it again if you want. 787 more words

Free Trade

Freedom of Speech ≠ Consequence Free Speech

It seems that many people don’t understand the actual protections of the 1st Amendment to our nation’s Constitution as it is outlined in the Bill Of Rights. 3,020 more words

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