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Farewell to Democracy???

It seems that I was just having the discussion with my children, now adults in their own right, about this historic day in history and now we begin this new historic world in democracy if we can call it that for the next four years. 1,725 more words

Insurance Bill of Rights - A List of the Rights Most Ignored?

When you receive your homeowners policy, there may be a page called the Residential Property Insurance Bill of Rights.* With a title like “bill of rights” you would expect the document to clearly explain what you can do when you are not treated fairly by your insurance company. 510 more words


Feds Continue to Assert Authority Over Police

One by one the Black v Blue Crisis is being used to upsource policing to the feds in contravention of the Tenth Amendment. As per my recent… 369 more words

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To Twitter: Ban Censorship Instead of Banning Users (A Warn Against Internet Censorship in 800 words or less)

Howard Linzon Is A Financial Expert Wannabe If He Is Advising Censorship of Accounts!

Who is Howard Linzon and what YouTube video is this an enlarged copy of the official thumbnail for? 707 more words

Intellectual Honesty

DigiLitSunday: Free from Fake

Is our freedom real or fake?

Fake or real? I don’t think that is the real issue. The real issue┬áis whom do we consider to be our journalists, the voice of the people; they let us know. 1,397 more words