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#19: our bill of rights isn't up for debate, #100hardtruths-#fakenews

“Let me reiterate: White House is blacklisting outlets for printing the truth. This is chilling. Our bill of rights isn’t up for debate.” @RepBarbaraLee

“This is an undemocratic path that the administration is traveling … There is nothing to be gained from the White House restricting the public’s access to information.” … 499 more words


White House Blocks Major News Sources... Allows Breitbart...

The White House, in yet another increasingly common unprecedented move today, left little doubt concerning attempts at media manipulation by allowing only a specially handpicked selection of news sources to attend what is known as a gaggle, or more specifically, a non-televised behind closed doors news session led by Senior White House Spokesperson, Sean Spicer. 466 more words


New Hampshire the 12th State to Allow Constitutional Carry

Feb 23, 207 by  Bob Adelmann

Residents of New Hampshire are enjoying a long-awaited expansion of their Second Amendment rights with the signing into law… 437 more words

bigotry is not a conservative value

so… conservatives’ main platform is the protection of individual freedoms, right?

and as such, you could expect that a conservative political party would work to stand up for the freedoms of every tax paying american citizen because they know just how vulnerable those freedoms and their own freedoms are, right? 828 more words

Donald Trump

Former Stanford Provost Gives Most Powerful Denunciation Yet Of ‘Intolerant’ Campus ‘Echo Chambers’ By Rob Shimshock

In a recent talk to Stanford’s Board of Trustees, a former provost blasted liberal intolerance for free speech.

“Over the years, I have watched a growing intolerance at universities in this country,” said John Etchemendy, former Stanford provost.

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Waking Up

Article V Convention: How “Individuals of Insidious Views” Are Stealing Our Constitution 

Q: How are amendments to the federal Constitution made?

A: Article V of our Constitution provides two method of amending the Constitution:

  1. Congress proposes amendments and presents them to the States for ratification; or…
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VIDEO Innocent people are pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit

Feb 22, 2017

It happens to thousands each year, and there’s no telling how many are still behind bars.

It’s hard to believe that the criminal justice system in the United States can be so flawed that innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit, but it’s almost impossible to fathom that some of those innocent people actually agreed to plea bargains—reduced sentences in exchange for agreeing to a conviction. 358 more words