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The Swamp Accepts Corruption

When the dust settles on the 2020 Presidential election, The Swamp, aka the Deep State, will have no problem accepting the corruption that came along with it, especially if Joe Biden wins the White House. 97 more words

Bureaucrats Run Amok

COVID Sacks NFL Revenues

The National Football League, one of the highest profile business entities in the country, is being sacked by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we embark on Week 12 of play, several NFL teams are still playing in empty stadiums because of COVID restrictions, while others allow limited attendance. 29 more words

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Legal Suits May Spark Violence

President Trump’s legal challenge of the 2020 election appears to be hanging on the outcome of the vote in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, both at the ballot boxes and courts. 242 more words

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O'Reilly: PA. Trump's Only Shot

Bill O’Reilly says that American citizens have the right to consider the election fraud evidence, regarding computer malfunction, GOP poll watchers and ballot stuffing. But not only does a President Trump victory re-election come down to Pennsylvania, it’s also his only chance. 115 more words

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News and Headlines.11/13/2020

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Marines activate U.S. Space Command component

U.S. Space Command at Paterson Air Force Base, Colo., on Tuesday hosted a 245th birthday celebration for the U.S. 3,515 more words

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Big Questions Loom

Before the Presidential election is officially certified in early December, there are several key questions and suspect situations that have to be dealt with. That’s theĀ  take from political commentator Bill O’Reilly, who has a knack for ferreting out the truth. 220 more words

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"We desperately need a war on Christmas lies."

My second audition file. The sound quality isn’t perfect, but I adjudged not bad enough to prevent posting here.



December 2014 saw a splash of anti-Christian pieces in the media. 1,571 more words