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House Republican NCLB Overhaul Legislation Clears Path for Public Charter Schools

This week, Republican House of Representative leaders gathered at Two Rivers Charter School, a notoriously high-performing Washington, D.C. public charter school, to discuss the new GOP bill – … 337 more words

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PENNSYLVANIA: Bill would revise charter school law

NEW CASTLE — A state lawmaker has proposed that all special education services for cyber school students be funneled through the state’s regional educational intermediate units. 574 more words

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OHIO Charter Schools Could Enroll Out-Of-State Students

Ohio charter schools could enroll out-of-state students — and charge them tuition — under a provision inserted into the House version of the state budget earlier this month, giving the publicly funded schools another source of revenue. 256 more words

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TENNESSEE: Authorizer Bill Enlarging State’s Power Over New Charter Schools Advances in House

A spirited but futile rebellion by House Democrats erupts amid assembly-line processing of measures; Senate to get bill on Friday, adjournment day.

For diehard determination in the face of intractable and hostile and inevitable fate, General Custer had nothing on the few Democrats, mainly from Nashville, who spent a futile but valiant hour in the state House of Representatives on Thursday, the next to last day of the 2013 legislative session, trying to turn back, or at least amend, a charter-authorizer bill that basically gives state government unlimited veto power over local school boards. 980 more words

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TENNESSEE: Charter School Authorizer Bill Advances in Senate

NASHVILLE (AP) – The sponsor of a proposal that seeks to change the way certain charter schools are authorized said Wednesday the measure is needed to continue education reform in Tennessee. 369 more words

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TENNESSEE: Virtual school cap passes; charter schools delayed

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee House has approved a proposal that caps enrollment in virtual schools.

The House voted 66-29 Tuesday to pass the bill that allows beginning online schools an enrollment of 1,500 with the ability to expand as long as they meet performance requirements. 92 more words

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MASSACHUSETTS: Bill would lift cap on charter schools

Finegold: ‘One size fits all doesn’t work’

BOSTON — An Andover lawmaker has filed legislation that would lift the charter-school cap on the state’s 30 lowest-performing school districts, including Lowell, Gardner, and Fitchburg, a move praised as creating more options for nontraditional education and criticized for taking state dollars away from the public system. 608 more words

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