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Obtuse, Obsessive and Splitting Hairs

My correspondence about the nature of some recent political campaign material has been an eye-opener.

In response to what I’ve written I’ve been told by various people that I’m obtuse, obsessive and I’m splitting hairs; and I’ve been accused of playing silly games, of wilful stupidity and of defending the killing of babies. 512 more words


Percentage of evangelicals supporting Trump

On another blog I made a comment that 80% of evangelicals reportedly supported Trump. Another commenter seemed doubtful of the stat, even though most of those commenting on that “evangelical” blog were expressing support for Trump (albeit as more of a vote against Clinton than a vote for Trump). 352 more words


Deception and Manipulation revisited.

I’m still getting notifications from Bill Randles’ blog whenever someone posts a comment on his thread about Donald Trump.

Among those comments I came across the following from “Faith Contender”. 593 more words


A lesson in deception and manipulation.

I’ve unsubscribed from Bill Randles blog.

In his recent post with the title “My One and Only Trump column…(I hope)” he continues the anti-Clinton rhetoric of earlier posts while continuing to claim he’s not trying to push or support Trump, 625 more words


Reaping What Was Sown.

American evangelicalism has long been seduced by the corrupt hybrid of nationalistic religion and conservative politics.

But I was still stunned to see a respected bible teacher like Bill Randles saying something like this: “Donald Trump emerged, promising sane things…”*. 112 more words


Charismatic Post Mortem by Bill Randles

Bill Randles has a very interesting on-going series of articles on his blog, starting with “Charismatic Post Mortem”


He looks at the beginnings of the Charismatic Movement and how it has progressed since then. 26 more words

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