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The clubs that became flag bearers

IF YOU asked 10 people in a room to name a German club, they would undoubtedly come up with “Bayern Munich”. Ask them the same question about Portugal, and they’d probably reply, “Benfica”. 775 more words

Manchester United

Remembering Munich: Manchester United 1958

This is one of my earliest memories from when I’m, just, four years old.

It’s a Friday morning, 7th February 1958, when I come down our stairs in Liverpool thinking I’m the only one up this early. 410 more words


Champions League Archives Part VII: 1977-1985: When England Ruled Europe

After six years of Dutch and German dominance a new world order was on the European Cup horizon. Since the competition’s inception 20 years ago a solitary English club, Manchester United, had been crowned European champions. 2,785 more words

Champions League Archives

Cardiff 2017: Champions League final despair

“Somebody said: ‘Football’s a matter of life and death to you. I said, ‘Listen it’s more important than that’.”

WORLD class sport has never really understood irony – which perhaps explains why people have never really known whether to take revered Liverpool manager Bill Shankly’s comments on football as a matter of life and death seriously. 1,209 more words