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A lot of football success is in the mind.
You must believe you are the best
and then make sure that you are.

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Bill Shankly, more than a game #footballquotes

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.

1.3.7 Football Quotes

Premier League TV Deal

The new £5bn Barclays Premier League TV deal that was recently published is further proof that football has become a huge business for sponsorship and advertising at the expense of the ordinary football fan. 494 more words

Bill Shankly

We are the Champions: Liverpool 1972-73

In 1972,  Maurice Golesworthy published a book that celebrated the league champions from 1888-1972. Game of the People is taking up the story from where he left off. 1,783 more words

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The Manager: The all-seeing, all doing Everyman

Power is a wonderful thing. It gives a man authority. It gives him a sense of one-upmanship over his compatriot. It instills brewing self-confidence. It sews fatal seeds of non-existent capability. 1,496 more words

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Book Acquired Recently: David Peace's The Damned Utd

Peace, David. The Damned Utd. 2006. Brooklyn: Melville, 2014.

I recently read Peace’s novel about Bill Shankly, Red or Dead, and enjoyed it enough that I decided to explore more of his work. 130 more words


Red or dead, bill shankly, David Peace

monumentale opera destinata quasi esclusivamente – purtroppo, vista la qualità della scrittura – a calciofili nostalgici. non tanto del calcio di una volta (non scherziamo: il gioco era più lento, gli stadi invivibili e una ripresa tv decente una chimera), quanto delle sue storie edificanti. 148 more words

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