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Selectmen Opt Not To Renew Lease Of Longtime Plymouth Resident

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Around Plymouth, everyone calls him Scag the tree guy.

Sixty-one-year-old John Scagliarini is a skilled arborist. At the end of each day, he retreats to his ramshackle, isolated home on Long Beach. 201 more words


Pig Overfed, Owner Facing Animal Cruelty Charges

DEDHAM (CBS) – When you look inside the straw-filled stable, you wouldn’t even know that mass of flesh laying down is a pig.

When Maybelle the potbellied pig came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, she weighed 196 pounds, almost double what she should weigh. 213 more words


Dozens Charged With Animal Abuse At Westport Farm

Warning: Video contains graphic images

WESTPORT (CBS) – Dozens of people are being held responsible for the largest animal cruelty case in New England. Last summer, animal rescue teams seized more than 1400 animals including cats, dogs, horses and goats… 153 more words


Logan Airport To Be Test Site For New TSA Procedures

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston’s Logan Airport is expected to be a test site for new TSA security measures soon.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two changes could be coming. 280 more words


Motorcyclist Sues Westport Police After Crashing Into Roadblock

WESTPORT (CBS) – A 31-year-old motorcyclist from Westport is suing the police department after he crashed into a roadblock.

Derek Pereira was severely injured in the incident last August. 210 more words


Manchester Police Officer Charged In Connection With Hit-And-Run

MANCHESTER (CBS) — A Manchester cop has been arrested in connection to hit-and-run over the weekend.

Police said that Steven Cornacchia, 31, was off-duty when he struck a 22-year-old woman while turning onto West Merrimack Street in Manchester around 1:20 a.m. 262 more words


Pickup Truck Struck By Train In Kingston

KINGSTON (CBS) — A teenager was not seriously hurt after his pickup truck was hit by a commuter train in Kingston Monday morning.

The MBTA originally claimed that the driver, 17-year-old Tim Manning, must have gone around the crossing gates, which were down to stop traffic as the train was passing over Lake Street. 116 more words