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Meet Bill Spence writing as Jessica Blair #Romance14


Born in Middlesbrough.  Served in the RAF during the Second World War as a Bomb Aimer flying in Lancasters on 36 operations.

First Book, Dark Hell, published 1956. 355 more words

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Revealed: Female author is really an 89 year old grandfather!!

Ever met a person who isn’t who you always thought he was?  The revelation leaves you in shock, doesn’t it?

Well ….. for thousands of fans worldwide, this is exactly what has happened.  102 more words

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If an 89-Year-Old Man Can Write Romance Novels, You Can Write Scripts

There seems to be a sense in Hollywood that to become successful as a screenwriter, you need to be at least 25 and under 40. And you should probably be white. 354 more words


Female romance author is actually a...

Author Jessica Blair has written 22 romance novels since 1993, with the latest, Silence of the Snow, due out this week. Before romance success, this novelist penned 36 westerns. 124 more words

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