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C.S. Lewis warned about A.A. co-founder's spiritualism

A.A. cofounder Bill Wilson’s well documented communication with evil spirits is sometimes disbelieved.

C.S. Lewis believed it. When a concerned Tony Guggenheim wrote Lewis a letter informing him of Bill and Lois Wilson’s biblically forbidden activities, C.S. 54 more words

A.A. co-founder's chronic adultery

A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson’s “philandering was an open secret. In the 1960s longtime A.A.’s became so alarmed by his constant attention to young female newcomers, they formed what they called ‘Founder’s Watch,’ a group of friends delegated to steer Bill away from pretty women who caught his eye during functions,” writes Gabrielle Glaser, author of Her Best Kept Secret: Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control. 155 more words

Punishment Or Love

“Punishment never heals. Only love can heal” ~Anon.

If I commit a crime I should be punished, but that will not heal me.

The only hope I have of being healed is for someone to Love me enough to help me, & more importantly… teach me how to Love & help others. 46 more words

What A.A. co-founder's LSD adventures revealed about A.A., and about himself

A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson’s involvement with LSD (Read) tells us two things. According to A.A. historian Ernest Kurtz, “Here, then, is one clear reason why Bill Wilson experimented with LSD: he was seeking still further ways of helping alcoholics who could not seem to attain sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous because, apparently, they could not ‘get the spiritual.’” [1] 1,236 more words

A.A. co-founder knew Christians would see his view of Christ as "terrific heresy"

According to A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson, “Christ is, of course, the leading figure to me. Yet I have never been able to receive complete assurance that He was one hundred per cent God. 101 more words

Higher Power

At least this hasn't happened yet...

So much deception pouring into the Body of Christ. Contemplative prayer. False apostles and prophets. Hellish “Bibles.” Homo-spirituality. But, at least we aren’t placing Christ alongside pagan gods just yet.

Oh. Wait a minute...