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The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2005)

Thankfully, these guys named the movie correctly. So you’re not going to go into this expecting something good. You’ll go into it expecting to see something incredibly bad, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for what it is. 333 more words




mike, nappier and travis discuss the following topics……..

the bruce willis pack……

the cancer doctor who treated people for cancer who didn’t have cancer…….. 31 more words


Celebrating 500 Reviews! Part 3

Blood Shack

Summary from IMDB: A young woman inherits a ranch that is supposedly haunted by a murderous beast called “The Chooper.”

Why it sucks: That summary is pretty much the entire movie. 460 more words

Slashers/Serial Killers

Special Review- Zombiechrist

The second part of epic look at 3 movies by Bill Zebub. This movie is better than the last one. There’s a prologue explaining what exactly happened to the first part. 33 more words

Movie Reviews

S&Man (2006)

S&Man (pronounced Sandman) is a psuedo-documentary following the exploits of writer-director J.T. Petty as he delves into the underground horror scene. Petty starts off the film narrating the story of a local urban legend of a video voyuer in his hometown who was unable to be prosecuted due the victims not wanting to press charges because the videos of them would have to be screened in court. 1,172 more words


SHOCK STOCK 2012 {day one}

Woe! I can not believe that I was not able to make time to post for three weeks.  But sometimes things are out of your control (and sometimes you end up with some mystery illness and stupid doctors, hurray!). 494 more words


Fangoria Straight Shoots to all the Sad Sacks

New Article at Fangoria makes you that missed the opportunity to see Goblin at Rum Runners kick your own ass once again.

One thing this article doesn’t mention is the madness that took place between the venue and the hotel. 79 more words