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Crippled by Desire (2015)


Entertainment Value: Crippled by Desire is an alternate version of Bill Zebub’s Loving a Vegetable, but this review covers only the Crippled by Desire cut of the movie, which runs about 94 minutes. 527 more words

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2005)

Plot: A friendly night of strip poker takes a horrific turn, as a maniac breaks in and kills most of the guests. Bill (Bill Zebub) and his girlfriend Jeanne (Jeanne Potter) decide to run for freedom, rather than risk being arrested for the murders. 624 more words

Dickshark (2016)

Plot: A man’s penis enlargement cream has caused a serious side effect, turning his penis into a clay-like substance. In an effort to improve on this, he sculpts his manhood in the shape of a shark, complete with fins and teeth. 611 more words