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Is Network Marketing Really Bad?

I cannot help myself to think about this after talking to several business people and some friends. In a nutshell, the notion of Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a big NO and at a certain degree, is a TABOO. 270 more words

The Sharing Part

Comparison: The Daily Struggle of a Teenage Girl

Recently, as in the past 6 weeks or so, my mentality on comparison has completely changed. Being a teenage girl living in America, we are taught comparison from a very early age, and then we are compared, to everyone and everything. 372 more words

Bill Gates vs Seve Jobs!!!

Bill Gates: So, how’s heaven Steve?

Steve Jobs: Great, it just doesn’t have any walls or fences.

Bill Gates: So…?

Steve Jobs: So, we don’t need any Windows and Gates. 73 more words

Comedy / Humor

Bill Gates on inequality and Piketty's Capital

Bill Gates has a strong post on Piketty and inequality and I think it is one of the better ones I’ve seen. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything Gates argues for. 194 more words


Your Contribution

As I constantly redefine my goals and objectives in life, I ask myself, am I contributing to society and the lives of others and if so, what exactly am I contributing. 327 more words


Bill Gates hối hận vì không biết ngoại ngữ

Mới đây, Bill Gates đã tham dự chương trình AMA (Ask Me Anything, tạm dịch: Hỏi tôi bất kì điều gì) của mạng xã hội reddit, trong đó có rất nhiều điều được ông lần đầu tiên chia sẻ với công chúng. 652 more words