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Philanthropists bet on science

In the last ten days my attention has been caught by 2 couples: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan and Bill and Melinda Gates. 818 more words

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You will be surprised to know the names of business tycoons who owns $426 billion which is almost equal to the amount of money owned by 50% of the people living in this world. 120 more words

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Bill & Melinda Gates Back Implant To Prevent HIV Infection

While Bill Gates might be known as being one of Microsoft’s co-founders, over the years he has slowly transitioned away from that image to being that of a humanitarian. 268 more words

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Oh Britney 😝

Well if Beyoncé can be Bill Gates, then Britney can be Oprah Winfrey 😂😂😂😂😂


What motivates you?

That can be a loaded question.  I often wonder what motivates people.  There are so many people who overcome obstacles and achieve what they set out to accomplish no matter what adversity or lack of motivation they may experience.  125 more words

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5 Tokoh Pemimpin Berkepribadian Introvert

Mungkin beberapa dari kita menyadari apa yang dilakukan introvert ketika diskusi atau berada di dalam kelas, yakni pasif, pendiam, lebih suka berbicara satu lawan satu. Meskipun begitu, sebenarnya introvert dalam diamnya mengamati dengan seksama apa yang ada di sekitarnya, memproses informasi dan menganalisanya, tapi tidak banyak orang yang tahu hal tersebut. 449 more words