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#FoodPrices Drop but Reflect Weaker #GlobalEconomy for All

–Read More from Diplomat Artist Buzz on 2015 drop in food prices but also reflecting weaker economy and not good for emerging markets & poor farmers.


Cool Stuff: Bighistory - The innovative way to learn the history of the world

To innovate and improve the world we live in first you need to understand it. Bighistory is a project endorsed by some of the most VIPs of today’s world from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckenberg. 72 more words

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Oil sands livin'

Driving around my picturesque hometown, Squamish, my dad and I pass several new housing developments that have been sprouting like spring weeds over the last couple of years. 1,218 more words

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BaZi 60 Pillars - 壬戌 Ren Xu, Hydro Dam

A force of nature, under control. Ren Xu is akin the mighty river meeting its opponent the sturdy earth. Each not yielding, not losing their footing. 403 more words


Rise & Shine: Solar Power

Solar power’s changing lives today.

It’s getting cheaper and more available now than ever before.

Countries are getting serious to adopt it as a major energy source by investing billions. 145 more words

Bill Gates and 29 other rich and powerful people signed in for breakthrough climate coalition.

30 of the world most richest and powerful people came together to fund and create a clearer energy for the whole wide world.

This energy coalition will provide more clear or green energy to the atmosphere with zero carbon emission. 89 more words

30 Years of MICROSOFT!!!

It’s been 30 years for Microsoft, working so hard to deliver useful tech to the costumer. Microsoft had a very thrilling, interesting and inspiring journey of 30 years. 250 more words