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Hope for the Future?

Scanning the headlines under the topics of Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and other related topics, I see a trend. The trend is for the future and that’s awesome. 637 more words


My Big Mistake, Nondeserving Dreams

Everyone in this market is for Earning good. Even everyone wants to become successful in this market. But first of all, we have to see what things will be needed to become successful. 186 more words


Annual letter; Melinda and Bill Gates answer tough questions

Nur-ul Huda

The annual letter 2018 has Melinda and Bill Gates answering some of the toughest questions they have received from non-profit organizations, government leaders and from supporters and critics the world over. 237 more words


Bill Gates - Are You Listening? It's About Fasting.

One of the great do-ers of good is Bill Gates. A man who reached a point where he had more money than he could imagine spending. 249 more words

Self Made Billionaires Share Their Must Read Books

Do you know what almost every successful person has in common? If you aren’t’ sure, the answer is reading. Warren Buffet claims that he reads 80% of the day and Bill Gates says he reads on average 50 books a year. 330 more words

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Can Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) lead people to having longer vacations? Bill Gates thinks so!

Yes that is right! Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft and top 3 richest man in the world at any given moment believes that artificial intelligence will lead people to taking longer vacations. 115 more words


On not giving up

Failed are Something ?


Failed again ?


You are a lucky devil you know,

To be learning from the best teacher

In the whole world. 62 more words