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Differences Between a Startup and a Billion Dollar Company

It’s officially been 6 months since the little startup company I worked for got bought by a giant. It sure has been a whirlwind of a 6 months, but I’d like to take the time to talk about some of the key differences I have seen so far between the startup and the giant (the >>> stands for MUCH GREATER than): 779 more words


How Facebook Managed 3,000 Twenty-Somethings Into A $100 Billion Company Read more

Consider, for a moment, the challenge Facebook has when it comes to managing its people.

Facebook currently has 3,200 employees worldwide.

That number, already up from a mere dozen people in 2005, is going to grow a lot in the next couple years as Facebook begins life as a public company.  516 more words

How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Moscow

From Washington Post, by David E. Hoffman, Jul 2015

The spy had vanished.

He was the most successful and valued agent the United States had run inside the Soviet Union in two decades. 2,459 more words


Facebook made a huge move this week that could lead to its next billion-dollar business

Earlier this week, Facebook made a big change to its chat app, Messenger: It’s no longer requiring people to have a Facebook account to join. 350 more words

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Ford humiliated Ratan Tata and got nice punch on face in return.

Ratan Tata and his team faced “humiliation” when they went to sell the group’s fledgling car business to Ford in 1999, but came back to “do a big favour” just nine years later by taking over the American giant’s marquee brands Jaguar and Land Rover. 312 more words

To build a billion-dollar company, keep your founder in the CEO spot

The overwhelming majority of billion-dollar tech companies are still run by their founders, according to a new study by investment firm Atomico. In all, Atomico counts 133 companies which crossed the billion-dollar mark by sticking with their founder as the CEO, which works out to 85%. 470 more words