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He tried to cash in a bearer bond for how much???

There were plenty of clues that a billion-dollar U.S. bearer bond that a man tried to cash in Fort Lauderdale was just too good to be true…

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Kanye's ADIDAS deal has a BILLION DOLLAR potential!

Kanye West‘s new partnership with Adidas could make him A BILLION DOLLARS … according to TMZ . 120 more words

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Powerball Lottery Jackpot Reaches 1.3 Billion, Odds are 1 in 292.2 Million

Almost every American purchased a Powerball ticket for Saturday’s drawing but unfortunately nobody one the jackpot prize.

The pot continues to grow, though, and it is estimated that it will roll up to $1.3 billion by Wednesday… Read more

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Support small business when buying your Powerball Tickets

So the Lottery is hitting at least $1.4 Billion Dollars and you want to go buy a ticket.

Just a reminder as you go out and buy your lottery tickets for the upcoming Billion dollar lottery drawing. 94 more words

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China Wants to Dig the Nicaragua Canal

Like a lot of Chinese economic decisions these days, the proposal by Hong Kong development company HKND to build an artificial waterway across Nicaragua is beginning to look like all hat, and no canal. 789 more words

Worst case scenario: What if none of the unicorns live up to their valuations?

It’s conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley that none of the so-called unicorn startups, valued at $1 billion and up, are actually worth their $1 billion (and up) valuations. 766 more words