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Someone Survived They Are Billions Using The Tiniest Base

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They Are Billions took Steam by storm not too long ago and has been growing and evolving in Early Access ever since. Not content simply to master the regular game, however, some expert players have taken to making up their own… 672 more words


Damian Lewis on Why 'Billions' Is 'Like a Superhero Show'

When “Billions” returns for its third season, Damian Lewis’ Bobby Axelrod is in a very unfamiliar place: Under indictment, separated from his wife, and banished from the hedge fund company that bears his name. 1,492 more words


Money Tricks!

Beware of money tricks! ;) Welcome home dear friends from the US, India, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Serbia, Bangladesh, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Vietnam, and Canada ;) 489 more words


Brag - B. Hodges

My trust fund.

It has given me access to a life that few have only dreamed.

In my late forties I finally realized how bored I had become. 752 more words

All Things Writing

Why Apple's New Health Clinics Could Save the Company Billions of Dollars

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Apple is following the likes of Amazon with its new health care initiative for the tech giant’s employees and their families. The program, called AC Wellness, is expected to launch in the spring with two clinics that serve staffers near the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.  225 more words

Money Matters

Beauty Within

Did you know that the health and wellness industry makes trillions every year? 3.72 trillion according to the Global Wellness Institute.

That says something doesn’t it? 383 more words