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1 in a Billion

Hello amazing readers!
I thought you all might need a quick reminder about something important. Here it is:

You are something seriously special.

There is not a single person in this world that is like you. 31 more words


Guy walks into a bank.....(AfrikaOnAir)

So, a guy walks into a bank and precedes to try to cash a check.  For.  Get this….368 BILLION dollars.  Can’t make this stuff up people. 186 more words


ENENews: "TV: Billions of mysterious creatures dead along West Coast"

TV: Billions of mysterious creatures dead along West Coast — “Literally covering all of Oregon coast” — Washing up from California to Alaska — Expert: Death totals are staggering, “it’s got to be billions” (VIDEO) 453 more words


How the UKIP is a bit Royston Vasey....

Having read the UKIP manifesto, it’s clear that there is a frankly bewildering lack of detail in phrases such as ‘we will encourage’, ‘we will seek’ or ‘we will campaign. 1,244 more words


Paris, $100 Billion PER YEAR, Climate Pledges, and Green Cool-aid

First off, I’ve noticed that in the last couple of years, Al Jazeera has decided to join the Climate Kool-Aid Bandwagon and gone off the deep ending to Climate Koo-Koo Land. 1,749 more words

Economics - Trading - And Money


The figure accompanying millions should never be greater than 999.9. If it is, rewrite in billions. Example: Not 1,234 million, but 1.2 billion.

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Fast and the Furious 7

The initial Fast and the Furious (2001) film sped into theatres when I was a seven year old, when I loved playing with toy cars. I also loved watching films at the cinema with my Mum whilst shoving popcorn in my face. 850 more words