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The Novella Dilemma

Novella: a work of fiction intermediate in length and complexity between a short story and a novel.

(Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com)

So here’s the situation. You sat down to write a story. 1,551 more words

Things I Have Learned So Far

A standing ovation

John and I didn’t do them much, no matter how many people leapt to their feet lemming-like, blocking our view to applaud a mediocre performance, or even a pretty good one, trying to convince themselves that their money had not been misspent. 533 more words


What Constitutes a "Good" Libretto: Critical Responses to the Text of Britten's Billy Budd

In reading critical responses to Billy Budd, it is difficult not to be intrigued by the variety of reactions to the libretto. Benjamin Britten’s choices for librettists were Eric Crozier and E. 1,247 more words

Billy Budd

Sea Music from Debussy to Britten  

Sea Music from Debussy to Britten

The opera Billy Budd received much criticism after its premier from numerous critics. These critics touched upon many aspects of the opera, such as the characters, the libretto, and the music. 601 more words

Billy Budd

Elusive Depth of Character in Billy Budd

When Billy Budd premiered, it came up against much praise and criticism for its lack of clarity of meaning and characterization. Based on Herman Melville’s almost inexplicable novella, … 907 more words

Billy Budd

Setting the Scene, Conveying Vere’s Pain: Britten’s Approach to the Prologue of Billy Budd

One of the most interesting points of Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd is the way in which it begins and ends. The bulk of the opera is a flashback of a former ship captain, Edward Vere. 1,186 more words

Billy Budd

Musical Character and Captain Vere

Benjamin Britten’s, Billy Budd, is about reminiscing on life in ones later years. In this case, Captain Vere, an old man, is examining the choices he made in his life. 601 more words

Billy Budd