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24th December 1961. 'The Owl of the Remove'.

Billy Bunter first arrived on the scene in an unpublished work in the late 1890s and was said to be derived from three people known by his originator Frank Richards (real name Charles Hamilton), who died Today in 1961. 474 more words


Billy Bunter versus the Suffragettes

This November I’ll be giving a talk on the wartime Magnet comics to the Being Young in World War One conference in Manchester. I’ll be arguing that the comics had a nuanced approach to the war, remaining firmly patriotic while suggesting that the demands of war should not make people forget the civilised decencies of peacetime. 841 more words

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Top 10 must-read children's books ... but no-one's potty about Potter

THE BBC news website last week published a list of the top 10 must-read books for young kids … and Harry Potter is nowhere to be seen. 660 more words

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Welcome to my childhood world of books! .

You would have heard of the Dolls museum in New Delhi… Started by the greatest Grandfather of all time – Shankar of Shankar’s weekly immortality (far more than fame)… It is Shankar who started this museum, sometime forty or fifty years back…. 1,195 more words

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King Yoof's Top 5 Jungle Raves

Jungle Fever at the Sanctuary

One of my all time fav jungle raves…. this was when Andy C was the warm up Dj and Hype smashed it for 2 hours,  Grooverider rewound Scottie 5 times at the end of the night. 227 more words


Imperial Ejaculations - Reflections on "Ten Books that Shaped Empire": Dilip Menon

Guest Post by Dilip M. Menon

Unlike Salman Rushdie, I did not grow up kissing books, I merely collected them. From provision stores, sidewalks, and from booksellers who were eccentric enough to try and survive by selling second hand books, in the small towns and yet-to-become cities of post independent India. 1,072 more words

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