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Dancing with myself

I used to love to dance. I don’t dance well and usually do it only in the privacy of my own home, but I used to love to do it. 245 more words


Great Rock Albums of 1983: Billy Idol

I didn’t think I was ever going to post about this album. Twice it was up for next post but other things beyond my control meant that I needed to post about other albums. 525 more words


What's Hiding in the Trees?

We are woken most morning about half an hour before dawn by the howls of the monkeys, it is difficult to work out where they are coming from because it sounds like we are surrounded. 627 more words

Costa Rica

With a Rebel Yell

He wasn’t supposed to drink alcohol.

My father was a hard-working man, not afraid to get his hands dirty. Not ashamed to shovel shit for the rich folk when they wouldn’t honor his degree from our country. 125 more words

Flash Fiction

Best Ever!

I recently stumbled across an album that I think is one of the best ever.

Now this doesn’t rise to the level of Kate Bush for me but seriously this is a really good album. 105 more words

Radio 62, side B, track 7: "Cradle Of Love" by Billy Idol

Oh, Billy Idol, my wife told me that the video for this was pretty controversial when it came out.  I wouldn’t know since I didn’t have access to MTV or anything at the time.   171 more words


Thrift Finds

Today I spent a good part of the morning at a local thrift store located in my hometown. As per usual, I was directed back to where the records are stored where I lost myself in the collection of records the store has– artists you’ve never even heard of. 299 more words