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Outlaw country’s Billy Joe Shaver rides into Dosey Doe

Billy Joe Shaver, one of the kings of outlaw country music, will perform at Dosey Doe’s Big Barn July 11. Shaver’s songs have been recorded by Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley and Kris Kristofferson, and he’s performed with Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith and Charlie Daniels. 32 more words


JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06 | 20 | 15

“The church door’s thrown open /I can hear the organ’s song /But the congregation’s gone
My city of ruins.”

Bruce Springsteen wrote those lyrics about Asbury Park a few years ago, but it seems like he was writing about Charleston, South Carolina, now. 100 more words

Week In Review

Menninger Moments...

A little while back, I looked and looked and looked for this post but couldn't find it.  Cousin Becky Marie made it happen today.  It's one of my absolute favorite memories from back when my walk on the wacky and wild side began (OR ended). 180 more words

Artist Spotlight: Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver has never been a household name, but his songs became country standards during the ’70s and his reputation among musicians and critics hasn’t diminished during the ensuing decades. 918 more words

Billy Joe Shaver

This Week on The Americana Pulse

We’re still in fundraising mode this week at WDVX. I’ll be back on the air tonight spinning tunes and asking for your support. I’m kicking around an idea for a special premium tonight too… so you may want to tune in. 266 more words

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Album Review: Aaron Watson - 'Barbed Wire Halo'

Barbed Wire Halo is Aaron Watson’s 2007 collection of religious and inspirational tunes. Some of them, like the opening “I’ve Always Loved You” are not overtly religious; the lyrics can be about love between two people or between God and man, according to the listener’s interpretation. 251 more words

Spotlight Artist

Billy Joe Shaver

Stories abound about Billy Joe Shaver, the tragedies endured, the stands taken, the righteous paths chosen.  Suffice to say that there is not an insincere bone in the body of this man. 126 more words