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The Lost Interviews Of Billy Meier 2012 – Jaime Maussan Video

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier (born February 3, 1937) is a citizen of Switzerland who is the source of many controversial UFO photographs. He presents these photographs as evidence to support claims that he is in contact with extraterrestrials. 92 more words


Silent Revolution Of Truth - UFOs, Prophecies, Outer Space - UFO TV

NOTE:  This includes the Billy Meier Story.  His accounts are truly amazing as an ET Contactee.  However, when prophecies were made by ETs to Billy, they were following a Catastrophic Timeline.  154 more words

Star People

Also Be Fair To Those Who Mock & Joke With The Truth

How to open the world into a peaceful coexistence between fellow humans.

An excerpt taken from the “Goblet of The Truth” page 183 section 81. 231 more words

Billy Meier


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When I, Billy Meier, am supposed to give an answer and explanation regarding the Pleiadians, their life, philosophy, life style, and mission, it is impossible NOT to mention Creation, its laws and commandments, as well as the ancestors of the Pleiadians, the old Lyrians and Vegans.In addition, I also would like to mention earth humans of olden days and modern times who had been influenced by the Pleiadians, which would include myself (specifically, my spirit form). 7,826 more words