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The Best Relief Pitchers Ever

Did you remember that Jim Johnson led all of baseball in saves in both 2012 and 2013 coming out of the Baltimore bullpen? I was in an AL-only fantasy league at the time, one that used saves as a category, and when encountered with the last name “Johnson” while researching for yesterday’s post… 1,925 more words


Hall Logic: Examining Reliever Ballots

Frequent readers I’m sure understand our position on relief pitchers here at the HoME. Basically, they don’t pitch enough innings to accrue the value needed to be worthy of enshrinement. 986 more words

Manny Ramirez

Hall Logic: Troubling PED Voting

Those who know me know that care about logic, about internal consistency, about voting for the Hall in a way you can justify. For example, if you wouldn’t vote for Walter Johnson because you didn’t like his last name, you can’t vote for Randy Johnson or Cliff Johnson or Alex Johnson either. 824 more words

Barry Bonds

2017 IBWAA Hall Of Fame Vote: The Strong Character Crew

This is my second post identifying the players I voted for on my Internet Baseball Writers Association of America Hall of Fame ballot.

The IBWAA votes every December for its Baseball Hall of Fame and the rules are very similar to those of the BBWAA. 971 more words

Our Ballot Analysis, Battery

It’s that time of year again. The Baseball Writers Association of America’s ballot is out. And we’re learning about ballots already thanks to the great… 1,985 more words

Roger Clemens