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Google Clueless on American History

Here’s how Google commemorated 9/11 today:

Here’s how they commemorated the birthday of deceased Japanese-American Yuri Kochiyama, who openly praised Osama Bin Laden:

It used to be your slogan. 17 more words

New World Order

9/11 Sixteen Years Later: Why do Bill Moyers and Robert Parry Accept Miracles?

Posted on September 10, 2017 

by Richard Edmondson

Sixteen years ago when three buildings in the World Trade Center collapsed neatly into their own footprints, few people considered the possibility that the collapses were due to controlled demolition. 565 more words




but apparently not alone. This in this morning—

—two happy grinning heads. But the vote-winning smiles and grins and cheeriness belie what is reported as going on, hence one reason for my confusement. 217 more words


After The Commencement Of The War In Afghanistan 16 Years Ago No United States President Should Have To Still Be Talking About It In A Presidential Address

What a terrible day that was September 11, 2001 which I remember exactly what I was doing (can’t talk about it) as well I am sure you patriots remember as well, how the hell can anyone forget, I would compare it to the assassination of President John Kennedy in it’s tragicness of somber state. 821 more words

The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2017 – Bin Laden: The One Man Show, 21st August 2017

Sometimes when you see a title, you just know you have to go and see that show. That was definitely the case for me with Knaive Theatre’s production of… 287 more words

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