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16 Acres and a Tree

Milton’s city of devils is now only noise and chaos,
but out of New Pandemonium comes the surprise
of peace. It’s here that capital and cunning reassured… 390 more words

Bin Laden

US Taxpayer Pays for Construction and Destruction

The story that follows, from teleSur, is indicative of the plots that are hatched by state forces around the globe. The US created the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to counter the socialist government there at that time. 103 more words


Who is Susan Rice?

Let me tell you who this Susan Rice person is.

This podcast really gets interesting about 56 minutes in.

Sean Hannity Podcast April 5, 2017… 4,737 more words


5 things you need to know Tuesday

Women finally catch up to men’s 2016 pay on Equal Pay Day

Tuesday marks Equal Pay Day, the symbolic date when working women’s pay catches up to men’s from the prior year… 670 more words


Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Sends Hardcore Message to Professor Who Bashed Soldier on Plane

Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher earned a lot of ire this past week when he said he watching someone give up his first class seat to an American soldier made him “want to vomit.” Tucker Carlson tore into him during an interview Friday night.

30 more words
Academic Bias

16 years later: 9/11 Pentagon story still fails the credibility test

In late March, the FBI re-released 27 photos showing the aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon, which took place on September 11, 2001.

These photos, which the bureau said disappeared from its website due to a “technical glitch”, have reignited discussions about what really happened at the Pentagon on that day. 2,134 more words

The Long Shadow of 9-11

It’s inconceivable that Osama Bin Laden could have known the far reaching effects of the reprehensible events he masterminded on 9-11. He and his henchmen sought to ‘terrorize’ and take revenge on the United States, in the name of his god, Allah, for what they perceived to be our military mingling in the Middle East for years prior. 1,225 more words