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Tracking Al-Qaeda and the Hunt for Bin Laden, 9/11 to Now

Book review: The Exile, by Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy

Investigative journalist John Lawrence published the Pulitzer-winning narrative history The Looming Tower in 2006, detailing Al-Qaeda’s formation and the road to September 11. 999 more words

Book Review

Terrorists – How to respond to them?

Spiritual Questions & Answers

Discovering inner health and transformation

Celebrating a terrorist’s death

Bin Laden’s death after a decade on the run unloosed a national wave of euphoria in the USA mixed with memory of the thousands who died in the Sept. 758 more words

Wives who witnessed death of Osama now in Saudi

After a year in Pakistani detention, Khairiah, Seham and Amal, who had all witnessed the killing of their husband, were deported, along with 11 children and grandchildren, to Saudi Arabia. 297 more words

militant dreaming

As highlighted in last months blog article (April 2017), dreams have led to waking life actions in the service of humanity and have inspired a variety of creative pursuits. 640 more words


16 Acres and a Tree

Milton’s city of devils is now only noise and chaos,
but out of New Pandemonium comes the surprise
of peace. It’s here that capital and cunning reassured… 390 more words

Bin Laden

US Taxpayer Pays for Construction and Destruction

The story that follows, from teleSur, is indicative of the plots that are hatched by state forces around the globe. The US created the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to counter the socialist government there at that time. 103 more words


Who is Susan Rice?

Update: May 2, 2017

The Original Audio I posted has now been deleted. I did post the link to the show recap, however I haven’t been able to find another version of the audio to replace it. 4,925 more words