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Hillary Clinton, the fake Bin Laden killing, and the fake photos that accompanied it

JANUARY 13, 2016

By Brandon Turbeville

Without a detailed study of the nature of the alleged killing of Bin Laden, suffice it to say that there is overwhelming and credible evidence suggesting that the entire affair was designed to drum up support for a faltering administration, the war on terror, and the phony narrative of the al-Qaeda bogeyman. 96 more words


Sorry Mum

I really don’t write these blogs to make you feel jealous. I write them in the hope that they inform, and maybe entertain a little too. 1,264 more words

Trump could be taken out if he told full truth about 9/11

Posted on January 14, 2016 |

Blaming Clinton is just another half-truth

Donald Trump keeps telling half-truths about 9/11.

He blamed Bush – but only for incompetence. 1,003 more words


Bin Laden,the two kinds of Samaritans and GITMO

What if the half-dead man was actually the deadly man? We are told of a man who is robbed and left for dead while travelling. What we are not told is what might have motivated the priest and the Levite to refrain from helping the poor man. 964 more words


The Road Less Traveled By

Sayings from lesser known relatives of famous people

(Created by RMc and J.P.) 344 more words


On the Afterlife (You know, the thing that comes after the Beforedeath)

Oh there’ll be no forty maidens,
Cloud-clad angels, sainted bliss:
All your Luthers and Bin Ladens
Are just food for worms—or fish;
So relax my anxious faithful… 16 more words


Former Bin Ladin Bodyguard Dies

Sources in Yemen claim that Nasser al-Bahri – Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguard – died on December 26th, according to the BBC.

Sources claimed that al-Bahri, a Yemeni national, passed away “after a long illness” in a hospital in the southern city of Mukalla. 112 more words