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Other Documents from the Bin Laden Raid

I just posted a new article at Funny or Die: Other Documents from the Bin Laden Raid. Go check it out! Seriously. Like, right now. 11 more words

Show Details for the week of May 25th, 2015

On this week’s show we talk with Gareth Porter and Adam Johnson.

Our interview with Gareth will focus on his two most recent articles: The Misfire In Hersh’s Big Bin Laden Story… 523 more words


Bin Laden Had 'Rake Of Tyrone Books' In Personal Library Says US Intelligence Officials

US intelligence officials, who this week released more than 100 documents seized four years ago in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, revealed he possessed a fascination with Tyrone GAA as well as reading works by Islamist thinkers but also English language books by authors like Noam Chomsky and Bob Woodward. 225 more words


US Intelligence Releases A 'Definitely Don't Read' Book List

A US government report released today linked to ISIS, formerly known as ISIL, formerly known as al Qaeda, formerly known as The Taliban, formerly known as allies in the fight against the Soviets, provides a chilling list of books the public definitely shouldn’t be reading. 71 more words


Bin Laden, todo un director de Recursos Humanos que preparaba un nuevo golpe

Se conocieron documentos encontrados en la casa donde fue abatido el líder de Al Qaeda

Bin Laden, todo un director de Recursos Humanos que preparaba un nuevo golpe


From the Intercept, May 2015


If you read the sketchy New York Times article on the Delta Force raid into Syria a few days ago — how an ISIS leader was killed when he “tried to engage” American commandos while his fighters used women and children as shields, and an 18-year-old slave was freed with no civilian casualties thanks to “very precise fire” — you can be forgiven for thinking, “Haven’t I seen this movie before?” 292 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Osama bin Laden Would Not Have Taken Ramadi

“Please remind the brothers in Somalia to be compassionate with the people and remind them of the Hadiths on this.” That’s Osama bin Laden writing in 2007 to his operational commander about al Qaeda’s murderous affiliate in Somalia, urging them to be more gentle in waging jihad and to focus on the real enemy: the United States. 1,609 more words

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