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Ambient Drone with Binaural Beats on Spotify

This is an excerpt of a project I did for an hypnotherapist who asked me to create something “deeply introspective” and “a little dark”.

This track features two bands of Theta binaural beats and a single Delta monaural band. 37 more words


Light Alpha Meditation

Do you want a pleasant light meditation to ease into to help you connect spiritually or just feel easier with yourself?
This low alpha meditation session is excellent for experienced and inexperienced users alike. 252 more words


Using Audacity for Isochronic Tone and Binaural Beat Creation

I’ve started to use Audacity as an alternative to Audiosculpt in creating isochronic tones and binaural beats.  So far I have created a work of beta stimulation, intended for those who wish to increase concentration and mental agility, the plan is as follows: 208 more words


What are the Best Astral Projection Tools?

What kinds of tools exist to help people astral project?

To open that can of worms, it’s important to first define what astral projection is. Astral projection is the conscious act of having an out of body experience. 517 more words

Astral Projection For Beginners

Let the Power of Binaural Beats Download Heal Your Mind

Has it ever come to mind why more and more people nowadays are switching to binaural beats? Not just one but plenty of reasons have been supporting the fact how binaural beats help a person to control his or her mood. 427 more words

Binaural Beats Brainwave Downloads

The Energy You Create

I feel weird about posting personal quotes and observations from Facebook onto my blog, but after I posted some links to my new project The Gap… 94 more words


The Gap (YouTube)

I’m pretty sure that this video was automatically generated because the text said “Provided to YouTube by TuneCore” and this track was released through Tunecore, so it’s legit. 31 more words

Meditation Music