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Dream Chimney

Sorcerer Chimney posted this minireview of Aurora on Dream Chimney.

This has been the go to sleep selection of choice. J.S. Epperson has a lot of gentle dronescapes that help calm the waters.

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Ambient Music

ptsd treatment update

  • The binaural beat things seem to be working in conjunction with sleeping pill reduction
  • Walking everyday seems to be tiring me out naturally, at last…
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Me And Ptsd

Hypnosis Subliminals Binaural Beats Alpha Brain Wave State

Hey, there, have you done your hypnosis session today?  Hypnosis is such an easy way to plug into a relaxed state of being, just like using subliminals with binaural beats to get to the alpha brain wave state. 209 more words

Silva Method

Brainwave Beats

Our brainwaves have different frequencies when involved in certain situations.
Below are the brainwave ranges and their associations.

Delta- 0.5Hz- 4Hz – deep sleep

Theta- 4Hz-8Hz – dreaming sleep, day dreaming, imagining… 392 more words

Fine Art

Earphones That Record True 3-D Audio

Years ago, when I was researching fancy digital cameras, I heard someone say that “the best camera is the one you have with you”. When I thought about lugging around a camera bag with lenses and filters, I decided to get a smart phone with a built-in camera instead. 354 more words


In episode 2, Bryce explores and learns about using binaural beats in meditation. Several of the binaural beats were pulled from youtube, while two of them are from…

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The pursuit...

What can bring happiness?

We are all so different, so bright yet naive to this simple request. We pursue money in the hope that this, among other things, may be the answer. 223 more words