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What is Hemisync? An Introductory Video

Here is a new video that serves to explain what Hemi-Sync is and how their Binaural Beats work. Also, check out my best selling Hemi-Sync albums at Hemi-Sync.com

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats Reduce Cardiovascular Stress Response

In a recent double-blind trial, it was consistently shown that participants who used music enhanced with binaural beats reported less stress. This anecdotal evidence was reinforced by study results demonstrating that that listening to music enhanced with… 64 more words


Awaken (741 Hz Solfeggio with Theta Binaural Beats)

“Awaken” from the album Solfeggio Cycle by J.S. Epperson. The album is a collection of pieces based on the Solfeggio frequencies and incorporates multiband Theta binaural beats. 14 more words

Binaural Beats

Raise Your Frequency - Magnetic Minds


Magnetic Minds


Higher Vibration – Raise Your Frequency – 963 Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz Binaural Beats

Magnetic Minds:

Purchase this HD Audio Track on MP3: … 92 more words

Binaural Beats

A big part of my in depth meditation requires a pair of noise-canceling headphones, YouTube, and about three or more hours of my time. Why? Well, to listen to some music but, not just any type of music. 234 more words


Theta Brainwaves Binaural Download to Improve REM Sleep ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

I found a four-hour Theta brainwaves binaural download here:

Article: “Free Binaural Beats Presents – Theta Binaural Beats Scale – Theta Waves Pure Tones”:  135 more words

Mastery Of Mind - Subconscious - Unconscious Mind

Binaural Beats Information

Binaural Beats, in the simplest meaning possible, refers to a change in brain activity under the presence of an audio stimulus. Typically, binaural beats can be experienced when a person is presented with two different waves having different frequencies which are less than 1500Hz. 476 more words

Binaural Beats