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What Are Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are simply frequencies that function in a way that one frequency goes in one ear, and another in the other ear, so you have to use stereo headphones to experience the effect they have on the brain waves. 22 more words


How Listening to Binaural Beats Alters Your State of Consciousness.

The first time I ever listened to binaural beats, I swore I would never listen to them again. What they did to my mind, was some “next level shit,” and they scared the hell out of me. 592 more words


Inner Guidance | Heavenly Meditation | Theta | Isochronic | Binaural

I just love the music from Jordan Jessep of Sydney, Australia.

A gentle soothing meditation to take you to a personal connection with the Divine. 494 more words

Getting Focused on Work or Studying

Get a binaural beats study ‘soundtrack’ on youtube:

Proven (to a certain extent) to aid focus, mood, reduce anxiety and some aspects of creativity. 96 more words


Incredibly Powerful Pure Positive Energy | Life of Abundance

Published on Apr 7, 2015

Incredibly Powerful Pure Positive Energy. – For best results, use headphones.
Music © Life of Abundance 2015.

This audio recording contains binaural beats at a select frequency (4.5 Hz – Theta range) to stimulate vivid imagination and altered states of consciousness. 66 more words

Every day I'm shuffling...for coffee.

It seems that these days I mostly live off of coffee and beta frequency binaural beats. I no conneseur of either, but at this rate, I figure I will be before I graduate.

Binaural Beats