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iOS Apps for Binaural Beats Music

I use a wide variety of tools to create my my projects. While I generally favor hardware synthesizers and recording studio technologies, every now and then I’ve used iOS apps to create some of my work. 208 more words

Binaural Beats

What is Hemisync? An Introductory Video

Here is a new video that serves to explain what Hemi-Sync is and how their Binaural Beats work. Also, check out my best selling Hemi-Sync® albums at Hemi-Sync.com


Sound Perception

When you do multiple things in life, you get multiple perspectives. It gives you a chance to grow in multiple dimensions.

I learnt something new in my dance class last week. 696 more words

Design Chikitsa Theory

Effortless Meditation with Sound

Have you ever tried to meditate by “silencing” your mind and found yourself more restless?

Try meditating with sound…

Sound Meditation using Binaural beats therapy… 165 more words


An App Called Autopilot (Final)

Holy shit guys, they found a damn body at my work. Things have really begun to rapidly deteriorate in the last 24 hours.

Let me back up a bit though. 2,541 more words


An App Called Autopilot (Part 3)

Hey guys, it’s been a couple more days now and I’ve had some troubling developments.

So first off with the whole Ben thing. False alarm on that one. 2,864 more words


An App Called Autopilot (Part 2)

Hey guys, me again. Let’s get right to it.

So it’s been a few days since I wrote my first account, and I have been abusing the ever-loving crap out of this new app. 2,095 more words