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The Energy You Create

I feel weird about posting personal quotes and observations from Facebook onto my blog, but after I posted some links to my new project The Gap… 94 more words

Meditation Music

The Gap (YouTube)

I’m pretty sure that this video was automatically generated because the text said “Provided to YouTube by TuneCore” and this track was released through Tunecore, so it’s legit. 31 more words

Meditation Music

The Gap

Year: 2015
Track 1: 09:51 – The Gap
Track 2: 30:17 – The Gap – Binaural Beats Meditation (Bandcamp Exclusive)
Category: Meditation… 76 more words


5 Great Apps/Services I Wish I Had When I Was...

As each year passes, and I get older, there are new and exciting technological innovations in the form of apps – just as an example -, that are supposed to make our lives easier. 1,552 more words

Apple Music

Binaural Beats: Bogus or Brilliant?

Binaural beats are a form of brainwave entrainment technology gaining traction in the recent media during what Dr. Elisha Goldstein terms the period in which humans are currently living, the… 309 more words

Be Sure To Have The Sleeping Surroundings Conducive For A Excellent Nights Sleep

People all over the world are having troubles sleeping and one of the main causes for that are bad habits which impact the way you can fall or stay asleep. 516 more words

An Observation in Naad Yoga

┬áIn Naad-Yoga practises it’s recommended to close your ears with cotton or earplugs or with the fingers of your hands. It facilitates listening subtle cosmic vibrations. 496 more words

Binaural Beats