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More Lucid Dreams Than Ever

Instagram user crystalsandchocolate said nice things about me and my album Solfeggio Suite, she even said that I completely changed her life, but of course that’s not how it works: by practicing meditation before going to bed she changed her own life. 107 more words

Binaural Beats

Video: Splendor (432Hz Heart Chakra Meditation)

Splendor is an experiment; another modality in which each track is tuned to a chakra in accordance to a 432Hz tuning system. Embedded within each track are four bands of deep meditation brainwave audio, also tuned in accordance to the same 432Hz tuning system. 122 more words

Binaural Beats

Video: Regenerate by J.S. Epperson

Regenerate is a regenerative healing field tuned to encourage the health and well being of the mind, body, and spirit. And it now has a video re-iterating the ingredients that make the… 131 more words


Binaural Beats: Any Science to it?

By: Patrick Wilson

Both the body and the mind can take a beating in the lifestyle of an activist. If you’ve been involved with doing something to make the world a better place, you’ve undoubtedly learned to function on two hours sleep on a regular basis. 379 more words

Can Sound Therapy Help Tinnitus?

                                       Can an audio illusion help heal tinnitus?

We know that exposure to loud noises can cause tinnitus, but could a noise also be the solution to… 1,153 more words

Tinnitus Cure

Binaural Brain Beats

I recently started using binaural frequencies while I sleep to gain certain benefits in my brain.  Like most of my ideas, it became action before the slightest bit of research.   393 more words

Alpha, Theta, Delta: When To Listen To Binaural Beats

So this guy Miguel sent me an email asking me if I could give him a few tips about listening to binaural beats music like… 520 more words

Binaural Beats