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Food For The Brain

Hi loves, 

I have gotten some really good feedback on my Chakra posts and a lot of you are asking me what binaural beats I recommend. 443 more words


Warm Wandering | Spoken Affirmations | Connectedness | Binaural Beats | Isochronic Tones

Let go of your rational mind, close your eyes and listen. This comforting music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke will wrap itself around you, keep you warm and lead you to a place of quiet repose and retreat from the outer world. 342 more words

Isochronic Tones

Pure Heart | Spoken Affirmations | Love Within | Binaural Beats | Isochronic Tones

Deliciously relaxing and emotionally expressive, this is an elegant piano composition that will soothe your mind and encourage a state of open heartedness. As you listen you’ll find yourself drifting through the music as it flows gracefully from one progression to the next. 356 more words

Isochronic Tones