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Do Binaural Beats Actually Work?

A Complete Discussion On What Binaural Beats Are, How They Work, And What They Can Be Used For. Free Samples!

Breakdown of binaural beats. What they are, how they work and plenty of examples.

Audio Programming in C&Swift: HRTF Rendering in a simple app

If you’ve read the previous topics of convolution and binaural rendering, you probably wondering that ‘what if we can do this processing with all the virtual loudspeakers simultaneously, even rendering our sound for all directions in real-time?’  1,095 more words

Bi-Aural or Binaural Reception

Quadrature techniques for selectable sideband demodulation, akin to the once-popular phasing method for transmitter sideband generation, have been known for many years.

Norgaard (W2KUJ) described a practical design in 1948 (or a little earlier) that was quickly developed as the add-on “Single Sideband Selector” type YRS‑1 (with 14 valves!) converter for communications receivers by the General Electric Company of America. 301 more words


Taking Audio in Another Direction.

Binaural Barracade Against The Audio Police

by John Sunier

Being heavily into headphones, I couldn’t resist having my curiosity aroused by Tom Corbin’s first column announcing that he will suggest circumstances under which one may want to wear two pairs of headphones simultaneously. 2,302 more words

General Interest

Binaural In-Depth.

by John Sunier


The binaural experience places the listener sonically where the sounds on the recording or broadcast originated, and requires no special equipment of any sort other than the binaural source and a pair of stereo headphones. 2,394 more words


Zephyr Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.0

New update to the Zephyr plugin with selectable higher quality versions of the reverb along with minor fixes.


  • Added higher quality versions of the reverb to selection (lite = original, high, ultra)
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Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.3.1

Added the 9th reverb mode (Neptune) to the Muze plugin.

Features v.1.3.0:

  • Early reflections for gated effects
  • Density controls for occluded effects
  • Added 20 more presets…
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