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More on Binaural Audio from The Verge

If you’ve got the time, check out the bonus content below (needless to say, use headphones)


Inspiration to Inspire: Starting the Fire

Good evening readers.

I’d like to inspire YOU to get out and experience the richness of life, go on an adventure and feel what it is to be alive. 596 more words


Music to Meditate on the Vastness of Love

This is a lovely hour-long music track to use for meditation, relaxation, or even background music. It is designed to draw forth love and peace. 204 more words


Cirrus Logic audio card for the Raspberry Pi

I’ve purchased a cirrus logic audio card and a raspberry pi B+ (just when they’ve started selling the Raspberry Pi 2!) Anyway, I have managed to get the new card working with the Pi, I’ve still got to try and figure out a way to get the Pi to start without user intervention, that will start the mobile dongle, and start Darkice to stream to the server. 406 more words

3d Sound

Awareness in Field Recording II

About seven months ago I moved from Porto, Portugal, to the center of Stockholm. I had never lived in anywhere except my hometown. Things are different in Sweden: lifestyle, architecture, people, language, weather… however, it is not a shock of any kind to come here from Portugal, as different as things are. 500 more words

Sound Design

Day Forty-Two: Making Brain Waves-Healing with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Having perused the internet for videos that assist with meditation

a common thread in my searches was the tagline-“with binaural

beats and isochronic tones.” I have to admit; the images that were… 352 more words

Daily Ponderings

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This was quite the experience for me. I almost felt outside myself, which I believed I have to much of a monkey brain (swinging from one thought to the next) to achieve, however, this started a lift from my physical being. Im committing to trying the final chakra balancing with binaural beats again and again. With Love, Stephanie