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'Ocean Sighs' new album released !

After almost 18 months since I released my last album, I’m very pleased to say that I have a new one to release !

‘Ocean Sighs’ 593 more words

Igneous Flame

Everyone has been once in life attracted to practice Yoga or other forms of spiritualism. Recent studies has shown that Binaural beats is playing a critical role!

Binaural beat technology has been endorsed by scores of doctors and scientists around the world. Binaural beats were originally discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. 202 more words


Did you ever thought about numerology?Numerologypretends to be an ancient subject for centuries.

Numerology care about the study of numbers, the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. 175 more words


360 Video of Reverberation Chamber

Here is another 360 video recorded with spatial audio – so reach for your headphones. The heavy reverberation creates some interesting aural effects, some of them probably due to how YouTube creates the binaural rendering and are not real. 16 more words




Chapter 6 for our DOGMACAST with Binaural from Mexico.
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DOWNLOAD HERE: http://bit.ly/29Vi4Jj

Central Dogma

SOUND PORTRAIT SESSIONS (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016)

Sound fascinates me in many ways. It is both tangible and immaterial – like human relationships.

It is vibration – our shaking body among other shaking bodies – it can animate the inanimate, it can be felt in the gut, in the hand flat against a wall, or barely perceived by the ear as a distant signal in the limits of space – above, below, behind and all around. 361 more words


Low Noise Floor Microphone

likes to make videos (and he’s pretty good at it judging by the quality of his videos). But video isn’t much without audio. Handheld recorders with small built-in microphones have a fairly high noise floor so has a Rode NT1-A — a pricey but very quiet microphone. 264 more words

Portable Audio Hacks