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Binaural - Daytime

Binaural Daytime

Binaural – Dreamtrap

Binaural – Dreamtrap (Kemp&Thompson remix)

Binaural – Daytime

Binaural – Daytime (Kemp&Thompson remix)

Binaural – Daytime (Criss Narvaez… 37 more words

Central Dogma

Binaural Beats: A Meditative Gateway to Altered States of Consciousness

By Polly Anne Rice

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many people struggle on their path to meditative states of consciousness, becoming downtrodden when their minds refuse to obey the orders to be silent and blank.   86 more words


SR3D nature binaural microphone

At last!

A working self contained tube that houses a Raspberry Pi computer, cirrus logic audio card, two microphones and special voltage converter that changes 12V to 5V for powering the raspberry pi. 252 more words

3d Sound

Binaural brain candy

Anyone familiar with brain audio entrainment?  I think it’s some kind of fringe science.Lately I have been attempting to open my 3rd eye, attract my soul mate and balance my chakra….it’s supposedly out of balance.  24 more words


Meet Deep Ocean of Sounds, an ASMR artist and the creator of a new binaural recording device.

Pawel is an ASMR artist living in Poland who creates content under the name, “Deep Ocean of Sounds.”

He is one of the few top artists who does not whisper or talk in any way, his ASMR productions are just trigger sounds. 1,149 more words


SR3D Binaural Microphone tests continue

After many hours of hard work I eventually made the SR3D Binaural Microphone. It is a basic binaural microphone.

I’m hoping to have a model that uses plug-in power, line-out and XLR, with connectors including 3.5mm jack and phono. 459 more words

Selma Raziel - Ontologia I

Artist: Selma Raziel
title: Ontologia I
format: cassette / digital
keywords: alternative, experimental, binaural, beats, ritual, spoken word, Krakow, Poland

The first track on this album is named ‘parasomnie’ and transports us instantly inside a boiler room in which an avant-garde orchestra made out of rhythmically played boiler equipment and goose like chattering sounds, forms the music backdrop of Selma Raziel’s spoken word. 591 more words