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Field recording 5 am Valby parken, May 12th 2015

This is a nature recording at 5 am in Valby parken, May 12th 2015. This spot is a relatively desolated area located near the water and just 6 km south of Copenhagen centre. 462 more words


This Excites Me- Curious About Your Experiences With Binaural Beats

Curious if anyone else has tried meditation through binaural beats and had as much effect as me. A head ache will be gone in less than a minute – and it does help me to create new focus and better harmony in times of discord. 57 more words

Going mobile with Fred the binaural mic

Well I’ve managed to find a great site for streaming my binaural audio, so with another Raspberry Pi ordered I’m hoping that at the weekend I will be trying out the 3G mobile Internet with a live test. 381 more words

3d Sound

BinauralSIM released!

We have the pleasure to present the beta release of BinauralSIM


BinauralSIM allows to simulate binaural recordings using headphones.

Try out your own or the Kemar HRIR and test your own signals. 40 more words


Binaural Reproduction using Loudspeakers

Can we listen to binaural recordings through normal speakers?

Of course. Even when binaural recordings for headphones still sound fantastic on speakers – you just won’t be able to get the 3D effect. 123 more words


Binaural Reproduction using Headphones

Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound “the way human ears hear it”. Actually, the word “binaural” literally just means “using both ears.” When you listen to a binaural recording through headphones, you perceive… 206 more words


Binaural test in Unity

As my first step into diving into the world of spatial audio programming in games I’ve decided to test HRTF panning in Unity. I’ve written a native plugin for Unity basically reusing the code from the Binaural VST i’ve coded before to compare it with the default panning by Unity audio engine. 394 more words