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Weird Wool Wednesday: Yarnchicken.

I won at yarnchicken today!

I had just enough yarn to bind off the row.

I used JSSBO, from the wrong side. Now I’ve used up all the handspun, all 178 grams (535.9 yards), 490 meters. 43 more words


On soldiers and knitwear

Nanook – (almost) finished

At last, over a year after starting this all-in-one, top-down project, I am done. It has taken an age, but to be fair that is because I had a rest of about ten months in the middle, while I knitted other things. 1,114 more words


Bermudiana Shawl Done!

Shawls always take longer than I expect. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since I’ve knit quite a few, but each time I’m reminded of just how long it takes to knit the several hundred stitches that make up a good “wrappable” shawl. 213 more words


I'm Knitting Lace?!?!

I finished the striping section of my Daybreak!  It was smooth sailing into the border and bind off until…(it’s always something, eh?)

Until, I decided that my self-striping yarn was not appropriate for the garter ridge edge.   363 more words


Review: Cast On Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor

I received this book as a gift a couple years ago, and to this day still love trying out the different cast ons and bind offs (does anyone else call it cast off?).   331 more words


Knitting Rhymes and Mnemonics

In a recent discussion on a Facebook knitting group I’m in, someone who is teaching knitting to a child asked what rhymes or mnemonics she can use to help the child remember the technique, noting that her mother taught her a rhyme but she’s since forgotten it. 426 more words


How To Work the Three-Needle Bind-Off

The three-needle bind-off is a technique that binds off your stitches and sews a seam, all in one fell swoop. It’s a huge time-saver, and it makes for fewer ends to weave in when all is said and done (when compared to traditional seaming, anyway). 59 more words