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Knitting Rhymes and Mnemonics

In a recent discussion on a Facebook knitting group I’m in, someone who is teaching knitting to a child asked what rhymes or mnemonics she can use to help the child remember the technique, noting that her mother taught her a rhyme but she’s since forgotten it. 426 more words


How To Work the Three-Needle Bind-Off

The three-needle bind-off is a technique that binds off your stitches and sews a seam, all in one fell swoop. It’s a huge time-saver, and it makes for fewer ends to weave in when all is said and done (when compared to traditional seaming, anyway). 59 more words


How to Knit (picture version) 

Trying to post my knitting videos, I was having some technical difficulties and thought I would have to do it with pictures. So I’m posting them even though the videos worked in case they help for a quick reference. 326 more words


Vlog 2: Let's Start Knitting!

Here I give you the knitting basics: casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off/casting off. It’s going to be in 4 videos and there will be a post of pictures following later for quick reference. 101 more words


How To Work the Knitted Sewn Bind-Off

The knitted sewn bind-off is a handy little trick that has saved me many a time, but it can also be used for a decorative effect. 95 more words


What's the deal? Bind-off edition

Hello, Knitters!

How is your weekend starting? Well, I hope. Today, we learn how to bind-off or cast-off—I use the terms interchangeably—a finished piece. 190 more words

What's The Deal?

STITCH TECH ♥ the B&T method of stitch security

Quick question… What do you call that drawstring-like technique so commonly used for fastening off without having to actually bind off stitches? Do you know the one I’m talking about? 235 more words

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