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Under Her Brim wishes all students an amazing school year. We salute and thank ourĀ unsung heroes who are dedicated to educating or babies…. our Teachers for all that you do. 12 more words


Naturalization Records Binder Kit Stars

Record your journey through the world of Magick, and also don’t forget to try to use it as a Magick diary, recording your experiences in life each night before going to bed. 247 more words

Picking Vaultz Locking Binder Pouch 8 x 10 Inches

First do one cover, then the binding, and then the other cover.

Once you can see how far it will stretch, place hot glue on the inside edge of the… 256 more words

CR Gibson 3Ring Binder Atlanta Braves M902947WM Simplifying

Next, you want to lay the open binder back onto the batting. Now, lift up one end of the binder and put hot glue around the outside edges. 316 more words


CR Gibson 3Ring Zipper Binder Atlanta Falcons N950399WM Programs

The secret now is to decorate the outside of your book of shadows with items, pictures, colors, and symbols that define and are special to you. 341 more words


CR Gibson 3Ring Zipper Binder Atlanta Braves M950214WM

You’ve now got a nicely covered (and cushioned) Book of Shadows. Your next step is to cover the inside of the covers so that they look nice. 280 more words


CR Gibson 3Ring Binder Central Florida Knights C950719WM In

Lay the poster board pieces on top of the fabric pieces you cut out. Gently fold over the edges of the fabric and use white glue to attach them along the edges of the poster board. 339 more words