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9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Audition Book

An actor’s audition book can be¬†as valuable as a first born child. My audition binder is filled with ready-to-go sheet music, ordered by genre… 519 more words

Audition Tips

The Art of Playbill Collecting and Trading

You know those yellow-topped, purse-sized magazines you get when you see a play or a musical that give you some insight into who the cast and creatives are? 585 more words


Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner- First Impression

I have had my eye on Webster’s Pages Planners for a while now. After I tried out the Recollections Personal Planner, and fell for the binder system and its functionality, I knew I wanted to try out other similar planners. 2,510 more words


Decorating A Binder

Josh T. in period 2 decided to decorate his plain binder with an AVID logo.

Class Life

Azure Functions imperative bindings

The standard input and output bindings in Azure Functions are written in a declarative pattern using the function.json. When defining input and output declarative, you do not have the option to change some of the bindings properties like the name or make multiple outputs from one input. 1,153 more words




So I’ve done something recently that I never thought I’d be doing. To be honest, the back of my mind had timidely been flirting with the idea for a while, but for some not good enough reason, it had felt like too big of a thing to actually go ahead and do. 631 more words


First adventures in binding

or forty years of being misgendered?

This may be a true thing, or it may not. Eventually the possibility had to come out into the light to be held up and prodded at. 905 more words